Yahoo! Big Thinkers Event

Drafted on: 28th Jan 2011

Yahoo! Big Thinkers Event is organised every quarter and this time on Jan 28th.

The Abstract:
More and more social interactions are migrating online. In this talk we study patterns of such interactions in social applications including email, newsgroups, instant messaging, and microblogging. We address the data mining, modeling, and algorithmic challenges that arise as part of the study.

The speaker explained Interaction and Structural networks.

  1. Interaction Networks are more interesting to study.
  2. Edge exists if two users interact in some manner.

  • Twitter, facebook describes Structural network which is based on the followers.
  • Structural network is based on the objects of interest.

The algorithms were necessary for user conversations such as mailing list, forums, comments, twitter, facebook. Each conversation snippet has an Author, timestamp, content which would attract more users to re-tweet.
The event focussed more on the algorithms used in the social networking sites such as Reply Time Based Model etc..

Like Sneo said here, people were more interested in grabbing the snacks than algorithms which is worth a study.
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