26 11

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Author: SmileWithAni

The calendar showed 26 11,
there entered the dirty seven,
once they hit the shore,
they thought they could rise to the fore.

The ruthlessly entered the Taj,
in their minds they were on Haj.
Viciously they struck at eight,
Indian Police needed to set them straight.

Initially some did shy,
in all 175 did die.
Throwing to the terrorists a word of caution,
Indian fought with valour and passion.

The encounter lasted 3 days,
for all the RED, who pays?
They murdered all in a plunder,
Pakistan! you did a blunder!

Two years it has been now,
Mumbai is safe as a holy cow.
The calendar shows again 26 11,
and Mumbai is already a heaven

Hope this will be remembered, the incident,
and never will repeat, even by accident,
for till the years yet to come,
as a tribute I write this poem.

© SmileWithAni. All rights reserved.

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