Inception - The poem!

Inception - The poem!
Author: SmileWithAni

Thought I should've been dead,
Thoughts just came into my head,
Please don't say so she said,
That's when I woke up from my bed.

Bed next to me was empty,
I'd been dreaming again of humpty-dumpty,
These are the kinds of dreams oh pity!
Telling them is only my duty.

Wish such dreams got fewer,
My brain was going down the sewer,
I touched my head and I had fever,
These thoughts were all newer.

I realized I dreamt in a dream,
My head was battered like whipped cream,
I was flowing down-stream,
Finally I woke up with a loud scream.

Then I realized it was inception,
I was already late for the reception,
I told myself its only a deception,
Inception, is a nice conception.

© SmileWithAni. All rights reserved.


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