Waiting for the tram

I had boarded only the buses and auto rickshaws as a means of transport while at Bangalore. This is the first time I boarded a tram which I used to admire watching the English movies. :) The experience was good. One would find a tram at the Melbourne CBD area every now and then. Unlike, in Bangalore, there are no conductors who would issue a ticket. There are ticket vending machines. You insert a coin or a note. The ticket is generated and you insert them into another machine to validate the ticket and then the timestamp is printed.

Based on the frequency of commuting, one can choose monthly pass, or recharge coupon. Here goes few pics of the tram.

First post from Melbourne

Here goes my first blog post from Melbourne. Its exactly a month, June 4th, that I left my hometown Bangalore.

Melbourne, a place that I had heard of only during the cricket match. Australia, a country of adventures. A place which I just dreamed of, never thought I would be here someday and type a blog post from here. ;)
As I walk on the lane the chill breeze hitting my face, I see some of the oldest buuldings of the city which reminds me of St. Marks Road in Bangalore. Have I been in Bangalore, I had never worn a sweater so far. People would wrap themselves in woollen clothes and relax at home sipping hot tea along with chilli bondas/bhajjis during evenings. But here in Melbourne, you see people wearing variety of woolleen designer clothes right from woolleen clothes, scarf, jacket, long leather boots (I bought one, too ;) )