First post from Melbourne

Here goes my first blog post from Melbourne. Its exactly a month, June 4th, that I left my hometown Bangalore.

Melbourne, a place that I had heard of only during the cricket match. Australia, a country of adventures. A place which I just dreamed of, never thought I would be here someday and type a blog post from here. ;)
As I walk on the lane the chill breeze hitting my face, I see some of the oldest buuldings of the city which reminds me of St. Marks Road in Bangalore. Have I been in Bangalore, I had never worn a sweater so far. People would wrap themselves in woollen clothes and relax at home sipping hot tea along with chilli bondas/bhajjis during evenings. But here in Melbourne, you see people wearing variety of woolleen designer clothes right from woolleen clothes, scarf, jacket, long leather boots (I bought one, too ;) )


  1. Yes, Melbourne is cold at times and people there have very good dressing sense. I'm waiting for you to upload some pictures.

  2. ohh have u moved to Melbourne? permanently?

  3. How do we know, guess guess ;)

    Sagar, done.. will upload soon :D

    Reema,Temporary. will be back soon.


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