Bangalore to Melbourne

Susceptible to boredom during my travel in the flight. I had my camera in my hand and clicked few pics. Though, not great, but still are memoirs of the journey from Bengaluru-Malaysia-Melbourne. :)

Finally reached on June 5th. Can't believe its been three months here and I am loving it. ;)

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The busy street

Its been exactly six weeks I arrived here in Melbourne. As I walk alone on Swanston St, not alone, along with iPhone ;)

There are signals for pedestrians too. Cross the road only when signal is Green or else you will be fined. :)

Trams everywhere

Beethovan Festival ;)

 Tonga types, tram behind

China town. Aah, you find them everywhere. ;)

 Musicians singing and playing guitar roadside.

State Library. You find interesting books here.

Flower shop.


© Manasa. All rights reserved.