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A few days before of my Melbourne trip got confirmed, a colleague of mine, S~, who is also a good friend got engaged. Initially, we were cubicle mates and in turn became close friends, having breakfast, lunch and snacks together. In fact, we did the shopping together for my trip. Don't ask how many shops and malls we roamed around! Even before she found Mr Nice, she would ask, "Would you turn up for my wedding?" I would pull her leg, "If I don't, who would bless you." ;) S~ got married while I missed the chance of wishing her for new phase of her life and capturing the beautiful moments. While we chat, we speak of meeting each other once we are in Bangalore. But both are sure its just a hope to meet in person. :)

Looking back at my old posts written a couple of years ago, I have hardly met or not met people who were so close to me at office, school or college or even a cousin of mine. We always speak.. if we meet.. we should meet.. when we meet... But when do we meet?

N~, a very good friend during school and who are admired by all of us at school and college passed away. While her little son still thinks she is asleep beneath the ground. It was an 2.8 years ago, I last saw her as a bride, the beautiful innocent face ever since we were in the primary school. Too young to die.

You will be remembered, RIP.

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  1. Going through your blog for the first time and boy.. I read it at one go!!! :) tooo gooood :)


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