'11 - A wonderful year it had been, a most memorable one of my life. There  are lot of events which I need to pen down. A year of most important learnings of my life.

The year started off with myriad interests in arts, music, long working outs in gym, sports, travel and a lot more... There were times when I was extremely low and good friends who always cheered me up like here and here.

I attended a lot of stage events: L Subramanian's Concerts, Kadri Gopalnath, Kailash Kher, Lalgudi Krishnan and ViswaMohan Bhatt. Shubendra and Saskia Rao, Sapta Sitar.

Indiblogger blogger meet at ISKCON and a fairwell bloggers meet at Infy, DanceJathre, Chitra Santhe, Ananya Bengaluru dance events, Gudi Sambhrama, Bengaluru Habba, volunteering at Ellu Bella celebrations.

A wedding photoshoot of a close friend in Mylapore, Chennai. Visiting Dakshina Chitra, Besant Nagar beach, masala dosa at Saravana Bhavan.

I always had a flair learning Veena, the most divine stringed instrument in South India. Having trained in carnatic music for 3 years while I was at school, I finally managed to find a Veena teacher in Feb. After attending a couple of classes, bought home a miniature Veena and a Tanjavur concert Veena on Mar 11.

Exhibiting my photographs at Infy along with fellow SLRBB photographers. Most awaited KR Market photoshoot-one of the most crowded market areas in Bangalore; a place where you name it and you find it. :)

Clicked the Supermoon in March. Saw Moon and rings surrounding Jupiter in April for the first time through a telescope at Infy campus and the same day completed 10 km cycling in 32 mins. yaay!

Then came the twist, wp to Ausland. Don't ask how excited I was andthe dilemma I had. The last visit to Commercial Street roaming around each and every galli until my knees ached. Sipped lemon tea at Transit for the last time in Bangalore.

First international flight to Melb. Landed here on my birthday, the best gift  I could get. :)

---In Melbourne---
This is the first time I am away from parents and home for such a long time. A great learning experience living with roomies, Cooking experiments and whole lot of responsibilities at work as well.

First ride in City Circle tram, then a train, ferry to Sorrento...left is helicopter ride..

My visit to Mt. Buller on the first weekend in Australia and holding the snow was an awesome experience which I cannot express in words. :) Lovely sun kissed beaches with the crystal clear waters, cool breeze blowing @ Wilsoms prom.

View of the city from the 88th floor of the tallest building Eureka in Southern hemisphere.

Posing with a sleepy koala in my arms at Gold Cost.

Dressed as a European Lady nineteenth century in Ballarat.

Bought myself a the famous German Cuckoo clock from Tamborine.

My passion for music drives me crazy and I managed to find a piccolo teacher. Why piccolo? It is easy to carry while travelling unlike Veena or a Sitar. The silvered coated piccolo comes in a cute pencil box case. Now I own it too!

The last week of the year is indeed a special one to me. I did so many activities which I had seen only the bravos on Discovery Channel and hero in the movie shot abroad. Yes, I did sky, scuba diving with a wide smile.. naah I wasn't afraid at all. Along with snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, bumber tube, river rafting, hot air ballooning.

June 5th 2011 - Jan 5th 2012. Seven months in Australia. In love with Melbourne. ;)  

A wonderful new year eve and fireworks in Melbourne. :)

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  1. very nice. read and loved every word of it.
    ps: your writing has matured and the style is too good

  2. here is wishing you another beautiful year :) do you post your pics any place else apart from FB?

  3. Manasa...your zeal for photography is always known to me...but I am really amazed to know your spark for music as well and that too for classical one. That’s great and I believe there is lot more to come :)
    Well…I think I missed few links of your journey from infy to Australia…will catch up with u sometime for an update!
    Wish you a great year ahead :)


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