"I had fooled my boss that I am from Calcutta though I had been there only once", he said.
I smiled with astonishment.

"Yeah. I look more of a Tamilian and question me if I am from Chennai".
Duh ? umm.. well.. [Yes, very much. I was of the same impression.. ]

Sit here, Jaaneman, I shall play it for you. The other Hindi word I know is Shukriya.
Shy me, No Thanks.

 He lifted the huge Didgeridoo and the music played.
 Lovely, this was the starting tune for the famous Hindi song, 'Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hai' from Dil Chahta Hai.

More about Didgeridoo in the upcoming post. Listen to the beautiful song shot in Sydney. ;) © Manasa. All rights reserved.


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