Oh life!

I had been feeling that I had no space or time for myself for the past few months. I wanna do a list of things which have been pending for a long time. My "To-do" checklist has been growing day by day and I feel depressed at times not being able to do it. The work pressure was so high, I had begun to find it monotonous.

I joined Fitness First, the gym, after 9 months coming Melbourne. But every day I ended up staying late at office and missed the regular work out as well which created much stress.

This week I am able to wind us things earlier and going to gym. Feel relaxed. Hoping to stay fit and fine like I used to work out daily in Bangalore. :)

Meanwhile, I signed up ohlife.com where I write tits and bits of daily events. Feels good that the writer in me still alive if not on blogger though.


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