The dollar

A pop up flashes on your screen when a good old mate from your school or college pings you seeing your Facebook status that you have been living abroad for sometime. Aah, lucky you must be that you are at least remembered while you're alive and especially while you earn not in INR but in Dollar.

"hey gal, wassup?"

"hi ... How you been doing mate? Long time no see!"

"going good. Since you have gone there you have forgotten me altogether!"

"duh? When I was ever remembered dear? When you saw my fb status that I am here. ;)

" you see, its been a long time ever since we chatted. Saw you online and that too you're in Melbourne. Now that, AUD is more than USD when you convert. So you must be saving a lot naaaaaaa!"

"Why don't you give me your salary? I will save it for you as well. :P

"oh. Leave it. Even if I convert it wouldn't be as much. You guys who go abroad make bucks."

"Hmmm. Why don't you come over here? You can also make big bucks dear. Since you're very stingy and keep converting every dollar, you can show others how much you have saved and how to save also. ;)"

"Ok. Bye. Have some work. Ciao"

You will learn to handle folks while you're abroad. ;)