Facebook.. see you soon..

11th May 2012, Melbourne
I had begun to feel that I was spending most time on social networking site facebook either commenting on friends status or browsing through some groups and liking them,  or even thinking what to upload or update daily when others would ask, "Oh, no updates from you" or "Show us more of Australia", "Pics are so-so, could have clicked better, having known you for such long time...". Off late, I began to feel very unsecured sharing any updates on day to day life or even a photo of mine or ones which I have clicked. Or someone would ping you saying how much weight one should lose!

Initially, when I signed up facebook or orkut, finding good old mates from school or college and staying connected was important and fun. As time passed, I begun to receive requests from those whom I knew little or friend of friend of friend who just wants to have a good count of friend list and show off or someone from office who would just gossip on you, what you did, what your routine is.. Folks on your friend list make comments which you never expect. Though, good and bad are existent, have been seeing the other side of it.
Its been 10 days that I deactivated my account and feeling much better.

Oh, yeah. I can survive without Facebook. ;)

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  1. hmmm !!! i"m addicted to Facebook unfortunately l;Ike your post....:)


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