Mt Buller

It was my first weekend in Melbourne or rather say Australia and a long weekend here in Victoria being Queen's birthday on June 13th '11, few colleagues had planned to visit this snow filled placed, Mt Buller, about 208 km from Melbourne on June 12th '11, on a Sunday, so that we could relax the next day.

We started off at 5am in the bus at Fed square, Melb CBD. It is a 3 hour drive from Melb and we reached around 8am. One can hire the toboggan, ski jackets, gloves and ski pants and the ski board if you don't have one. We hire them all and started off with the toboggan with two sitting and sliding on it from the top.
I was excited seeing the snow filled mountain and holding the snow for the first time. It was my first encoutner with snow. When two of them slide others who were down would throw snow at us and it was all us hitting each other with snow. All of us started playing with snow after a while.

At 1pm, it was lunch hour and having skipped the breakfast we focussed on nothing else than pizza and coke. ;) We started again on the snow filled beauty with all smiles.

At 5 PM we got back back to the bus reluctantly as we had to head back home. All of us were tired and dozed off in the bus. At 8 PM we reached the Fed Square. It was a one day trip and a memorable one. :)
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