The year 2012 was a very memorable one with lot of learning, happiness, sadness, going places on my own and last but not the least, coming back to hometown and meet my family and friends after an year and five months. I was sad to leave Melbourne, Australia and at the same time happy to meet my parents after a long time. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts from Melbourne, it was my first time, away from home, living in  another country which was 5585 miles from Bangalore. Melbourne has its own charm which cannot be expressed in words. No wonder it has been ranked the most livable city in the world and any one would fall in love for first time and so did I. :D

When I would ask someone who was in the US, "Don't you miss anything here?" and they would reply,"What do you expect to miss?". The same happened to me. Melbournians were always kind enough and always amicable to anyone who come there. I would like to narrate an incident where I fell on the footpath. People walking around came to help me get up and left until they were assured I was all fine and no injury. I felt this gentleness was missing in my home country itself where you are injured on road side and none comes for your help which is sad!

I had a chance to watch IPL, ODI (India Vs Australia) and Footy matches at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and also witness huge Indian crowd singing "why this kolaveri di".. Opera House, monorail, the world famous Bondi beach, jet boating, cemetery at Brunti, John Carter at IMAX, climbing the Harbour Bridge, meeting an friend after a decade at Sydney! Kangaroo Island at Adelaide, Tesselar Tulip Festival, Cooks Cottage, Great Ocean Drive, meeting backpackers at Tasmania, Steam engine train at Puffing Billy, Grampians, Melbourne Aquarium, Werribee zoo. Long working hours at office made a way to new hobby: Swimming and work outs at Fitness First. ;)

A three day holiday, exploring Singapore all alone where I reach Merlion at 1 AM and folks who see me would question-"Are you all by yourself?" I would smile,"yeah, Singapore is safe place where you can roam around alone even during midnight."

Back home, it was time to spend time with family and friends. Gokarna beaches with Sneha, Kannada play "Uttara Bhupa", same old day to day not interesting routines which anyone would crib about.

I realized huge difference what we gather about the West from media or word of the mouth and you, having lived abroad which I would explain in upcoming posts.

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