Uttara Bhoopa is a famous book written by BeeChi (Rayasam Bheemasena Rao), a well-known Kannada humorist. I bought this book a couple of years ago but never had a chance to read it. However, I was lucky to see the drama directed by Antaranga at H.N Kalakshetra, Bangalore on 29th Dec 12.

The play starts with a couple's discussion on finding a suitable match for their daughter. The couple think how the to be son in law should be in terms of the maturity, character.. so on and so forth. But their daughter is of different opinion and thinks she can find the man of her choice. The couple and daughter have an argument unlike any other parents or children do. The couple decide to publish an advertisement in the newspaper to find a suitable groom and the expected qualities. They interview the young men who had applied and finally, manage to select the three. Now, the daughter is in difficult position whom to select among the three.

The play is a comedy and you would love every joke. I am yet to read the book and I am sure I can complete reading the book in a day or two. ;)

Does she find the man of her choice or reluctantly marry one among the three chosen by her parents? Find it by yourself seeing the play at the next theatre.  

Cost of the ticket - Rs 70/-

Duration of the play - 90 mins

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