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It makes us happy to receive a postcard or a greeting card from friends and cousins from distant places. As a child, I always collected the post cards with the beautiful scenery, soft toys and gods. I have preserved both the printed and the hand made cards. When someone sends a greeting card in an envelop with a stamp on it, I would remove the stamp with care and add them to my philately collection. This is how, I collected many stamps from India and overseas.

Jan 8th 2013, I signed up Postcrossing that brought me, the memories of childhood when we conveyed greetings to friends and cousins a colorful card, hand written message that gave a personal touch. I am sure all of us still wish to receive a hand made card than a forwarded SMS or an email which we would delete or reply "wish you the same"... How many still send greeting card? :)

I had clicked so many photos that I decided to get them printed as a postcard and send it to my friends across the globe. A couple of weeks later, they were happy to see a postcard being sent to them. A friend of mine sent this photo where he had the postcard pinned up at his cube. 

How postcrossing works? Send a post card to a random person in the world in turn you will receive a post card from a random person. This works! Sign up postcrossing to send and receive the postcards.


  1. pretty... write it in bullet points. easier to read
    change font to bigger please.

  2. Sneha, Thanks for the advise. I have increased the font size :)

  3. Hi! I just read your blog entry and came to know that you joined Postcrossing recently. I have also visited your FB pages. we have a group in FB with members of Postcrssing India. Are you interested to join ?

    BTW, I am Mansoor from Mangalore, in the 3rd place among Indian Postcrossers, you are also welcome to my blog on stamps,


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