Vienna Art and Design

I was looking at some of the photographs on my phone and this one suddenly caught my attention, the Vienna Art & Design at Melbourne during winter '11. 

Vienna: Art & Design was held at Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria covering the art works from famous Gustav Klimt, an  Austrian symbolic painter, Egon Schiele, an Austrian painter, Josef Hoffmann, an Austrian Architect, Adolf Loos, an Austro-Hungarian architect. The exhibition was a part of Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2011 from 18 JUN 2011 - 09 OCT 2011. It was the first time I had been to an art exhibition that was from Vienna. It focused on how the artists, writers and musicians contributed to the modern Vienna during 1900.

I was happy to learn so much on the art and music of Vienna that I would stand staring at some of the paintings before moving on to the next. The trams in Melbourne are a replica from what you see in the Vienna. :)

If there is an exhibit on Vienna, then don't miss the chance.
Ticket Pricing in Australia:
Adult $24
Child (aged 5-15) $12

Find more on the history of Vienna:

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  1. I have been to Vienna and Salsburg and they are so beautiful with their palaces and museums.

    1. Renu, I hope to visit Vienna. It is very similar to Melbourne. :)


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