Australia travel tales

I have loads of travel tales to be written on Australia where I lived for an year and 5 months. It has been the most memorable time visiting the most adventurous country. Though, continent with 22.8 million population and 8 states, one can never forget the beautiful beaches and the animals, which cannot be found in any other parts of the world.

As I write this, I am wondering where do I start off my travel tales from? I lived in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria (VIC), travelled in and around VIC. Did some sports and adventures in Queensland, roamed around in Sydney, saw the islands in South Australia, learned the history of Tasmania and the prisoners. Oops, I missed Uluru, and the Kalgoorie on the other side. Never mind, there is always a second chance, I would visit the Southern hemisphere again!

Many people ask me if there is racism and I was never treated in an inhumane way and I never felt so. Australia is an amicable country and people from other countries are equally respected. 

All the travel and living on Australia can be found here

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