Every soldier is a hero

April 1998, Bangalore:

I was in class 8 and my final exams were scheduled. My granny fell ill all of sudden and my mother had to travel to her native to see her. I am the only child to my parents and my mother was reluctant to leave me alone at home especially during the exams since my father would arrive only late evening from work. She has been the best teacher to me and would help in revising the syllabus during the exams and the results would always be flying colors. She advised me to study well and not to trouble dad while she was away.

R~ was my new neighbour and hardly acquainted to him. We were just "hi, bye" friends and I never got a chance to interact during the busy exam schedule. I would reach home from school early and he would advise me to lock the doors while I was alone preparing for the exam.

"Never open the door until your father arrives," he would say. And I nodded "Yes" in agreement.

Be it a salesman who would constantly bug to buy products knocking the door or any stranger, he would enquire the purpose of their visit and shoo them. He always kept an eye.

When my mother returned, I explained to her, how R~ took care of her little daughter and mother was happy to know about my new found brother. :)

He had even told me to let him know if anyone bullied me at school or on my way home, I would inform him. I never felt an absence of a brother.

In 2001, he left to Sydney for higher studies and the absence of a brother was felt very much.

March 2012, Australia:

It was my first time travel away from home to a foreign land where I had to live for an year in Melbourne. My parents would sometimes worry, their only daughter is safe or not, whom would she approach if she needs any help in Melbourne that was 5,000 miles away from Bangalore and this friend always assured that I was all good.

My good friend was in Sydney guiding me on several things like taking a house on lease, obtaining a learners license, professional environment in Australia and many more things. I was confident this friend would always be there at times good and bad and would help even without asking.

R~ has been a soldier to me all times and a real hero, unlike those shown on silver screen.

As I write this post, I am sure this soldier will always protect no matter where I am.

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