My dad, my hero

Dear Daddy,

You taught me to talk holding me in your arms and walk when I was a child, holding my tiny fingers, when I had a fear of falling. You were always protective even while I was in the mother's womb without any discrimination on a girl child. 

You always dropped me to school and ensured that I would be on time to the class. Even during the exams, you motivated me to study hard and fulfill my dreams. Whenever I was low and cried, you consoled me that best things would come to him who waits. 

You gave me the self-confidence and always stood beside me, at times good and bad. You shared a laugh, when I was happy and have shared more of my sorrow when I was sad.  

You have always been the best friend and supportive always. Without you, I would have never been able to climb every step carefully, up the ladder and for what I am today!

Thanks for being a great dad and protecting me from this evil world. You have been a great soldier to your daughter no matter how old she grows!

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