Rock with silky, shiny, straight perfect hair

The hair is the richest ornament of women, says Martin Luther.

The statement holds good to any woman be it short or long hair. Most of us, would have tried umpteen products and experimented on hair which would have damaged in a long run. Having a waist length wavy hair, I am afraid to experiment any new products or even go for a cut at a new parlour or even try permanent straightening, blow drying or colouring. When I thought of getting a permanent hair straightening, the experienced beautician would suggest it would only damage my hair and would take at least 8-10 hours of effort! One of my roommate advised to try a temporary straightening and I bought myself a Remmington hair straightener which and loreal ion cream.

Remmington hair straightener
I straightened my hair using the rod and the whole process was cumbersome for a long hair. The worse was hair fall during the straightening which disheartened me after spending 3-4 hours. :(

I received the the purple coloured Sunsilk Perfect Straight  shampoo bottles along with the conditioner with straight-lock technology for review. The co-creator of this shampoo and conditioner is Yoko Yamashita who is a world expert in straight hair. I was happy to see the packing and couldn't dare to open the packing without clicking.
Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and conditioner 
Sunsilk promises that the hair would be straight as it dries. The shampoo is a light pink glittering with a good fragrance and gentle on the hair. The conditioner is white and acts as a good detangler on my hair.
Note: conditioner to be used only after shampooing and washing the hair. The conditioner has be to applied only the hair and NOT on the scalp.


I found the hair fall to be minimal after using the shampoo and conditioner unlike using the straightener.   Hair is soft and straight after the usage and has a great fragrance. The hair is not heavy. With the daily usage I am sure, the result will be much better.

I had earlier used Garnier Fructis Silky Straight 24/7 Shampoo and reviewed it here. But I found the Sunsilk to be much better compared to the fragrance and hair fall. While Garnier still left the hair wavy, Sunsilk had good result at the first usage. The quantity would last long for a month in case of a long hair.

Net Vol: 180 ml
Price: 110 INR

Net Vol: 90 ml
Price: 56 INR

My rating: 4.5/5

Thus, I kiss a good by to the hair straightener and other brand shampoos and continue to use Sunsilk.

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  1. Really very interesting post :-) happy reading :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. I'm using this Permanent-Hair-Straightening for better hair.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post..i am using this hair straightening ,it consume less power and save your money.. :)

  4. wow nice permanent hair straightening having good quality.According to me it is a best product.


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