Singapore Visitor Visa :: How to apply from Australia

I had applied for Singapore Visitor visa from Australia while I planned to take a transit for 3 days and see the city. I was skeptical I would get an on arrival visa for Indian passport holders and sent an email to the Singapore High Commission and they replied with detailed email, with the documents and fee required to process my visa.

Please note, the below procedure applies ONLY if you're holding an Indian passport with a valid Australia Work Permit

Kindly follow the guidelines below to apply for an Entry Visa for Singapore:- -

Step 1:
Fill out form 14A (can be downloaded from here from Indian passport holders) and paste one passport size photo onto form 14A. Read the details here:

Step 2:
Provide us the original of your passport (must be valid for at least 6 months at the point of arrival in Singapore) including the details of your current Australian visa.

Step 3:
Travel itinerary (Onward/return ticket details)

Step 4:
Self addressed envelope (Please speak to Australia Post or a courier company to arrange safe transport)

Step 5:
A fee of A$25 per person by Money Order or Bank Cheque, please make it payable to "Singapore High Commission, Canberra". (If applying for more than 1 person, one - Money Order/Bank Cheque of #of persons x $25 is fine)

Step 6:
Contact details (mobile number / email address)

You will need to post, courier or hand deliver this to the

Singapore High Commission
17 Forster Cres
ACT 2600.

Normal processing time is a minimum of 4 working days (excluding delivery time). Please note that the Singapore High Commission in Canberra does not have online application facilities. We need to receive the application by post, courier or in person.

My personal experience
It took just 2 days for the Singapore High Commission to process my visa application and happy to see such a quick service. I had sent all the required documents as they had mentioned above.

First and foremost, book your flight tickets at least a month before your travel and have the confirmed itinerary handy.
Book the hotel online. You can check out for the hotels suiting your budget on . I would not advise booking a hotel in Little India, Singapore.
Fill the form and pasted a passport size photograph NOT more than 6 months old.
Money order for the visa costs 25 AUD and can be purchased at any Bank or Post Office.
Two Platinum envelopes - one addressed to Singapore High Commission and other is self-addressed. Double check your address before sending.
Don't forget to send your passport.

Visa is provided in an A4 sheet.

Total cost involved in AUD:

  1. SGP Visa                  = 25 $ (equivalent to 30 SGD)
  2. Money order             = 7.95 $
  3. 2 Platinum envelopes = 27.80 $ (13.90 $ each) 

          Total cost                  = 60.75 AUD

Applying from India
Please go through this website and follow the simple procedure. 

Mandram Vantha..

I like listening to songs of all genres, be it Kannada, Tamil, Telugu or Hindi, that are melodious.Maestro Illayaraja is one of the famous South Indian music composer from the Tamil film industry. He has also contributed to the Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi film industries. One would be mesmerized listening to his compositions.

A Tamil movie, Mouna Ragam , starring Mohan and Revathi was directed in 1986. One of the hit songs of the movie is "Mandram Vantha" which I have listened umpteen times and never get bored.

In 1981, Kannada movie, Geetha, was directed by Shankar Nag who was the main lead and Akshata Rao. The romantic song from this movie which is a hit even today is "Jothe Jotheyali" composed by the Maestro.

In 2007, Hindi movie, Cheeni Kum starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu was released and the title track, "Cheeni Kum", a song became a hit.

When I listen to all the three songs, the tunes are the same in 3 different languages, yet adorable. You can't listen to one and leave the other. What is your take on this?

Bombay Talkies

Bombay Talkies: 4 stories by different director
Language: Hindi

Running Time: 127 minutes

Released: 2013

Cast: Rani Mukherjee, Randeep Hooda, Saqib Saleem, Vineet Kumar Singh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Naman Jain, Ranvir Singh
Directed by: Karan Johan, Dibarkar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap

IMDB link:

I watched this movie two weeks ago at the Mantri Mall after having read a lot of praise on the newspaper. The movie has 4 short films, each by different director.

Story 1: Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh by Karan Johar

The story is about a married couple, Rani Mukherjee and Rajdeep Hooda; Rani's new colleague, a gay. Rani is unhappy with her marriage with her husband being a workaholic and shows no interest in her. Her colleague brings out the truth and she discovers the truth.

Story 2: Star by Dibakar Banerjee

A drama actor from childhood, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, is struggling to make a living and has a wife and a daughter to support. His alter ego wants others to come to him and offer him a job. He struggles doing odd jobs after his father's demise. One fine day, he is offered a small role unexpectedly and he does it. He is so proud and happy that he forgets to collect the payment for his work.
Returning home, he now has a story to narrate to his daughter.

Story 3: Sheila Ki Jawaani by Zoya Akhtar

A little boy from a middle class family is forced to practice football after school though the boy is interested in dance. He skips the football coaching and secretly watches the girls practising Kathak. His parents take him to cinema and he is impressed watching Katrina Kaif's Sheila ki Jawani. In his parents absence, he dresses like a girl, wearing his sister's jewellery and mother's makeup. He manages to fuffill his sisters dream of going to a trip which costs Rs 2,000 by raising fund from his new found passion.

Story 4: Murabba by Anurag Kashyap
Vijay from Allahabad, which is Amitabh Bachchan's hometown, comes all the way to Mumbai to fulfill his ailing father's only wish, that Amitabh ji has to eat Murabba half and he would eat the remaining half. Vijay waits in front of the great actors house day and night and finally, manages to meet Amitabh ji who ate the Murabba before him. He manages to take the Murabba to his father... whats will be his fathers reaction?

There are guest appearances by Katrina Kaif, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Karisma Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Juhi Chawla, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, Sridevi, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Imran Khan, Vidya Balan, Kareena Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Anil Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan.
I felt the stories were bragging and better stories could've been chosen. Out of the four, I liked only the first, Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh. Other ones should have been focussed better on the script.
If you are going with high expectation to watch this movie, then you will be disappointed for sure.

My rating: 2.5/5

Madame Butterfly::Book Review

Madame Butterfly by John Luther Long
An audiobook I listened to
Author: John Luther Long

Chapters: 15

Cho-Cho-San, a 15 year old Geisha is married to an American Lieutenant, B.F. Pikerton, and she is the main character of the story. Pinkerton leases the house after their marriage but Cho-Cho-San is unhappy as she is not allowed to invite her family members for August Ancestors in Japan

Pinkerton leaves Japan to US and Cho-Cho-San only hopes for his healthy return. Meanwhile, she delivers their baby boy. The baby has purple eyes and as fair as his American father. She has to name her son after the Robins nest that year, she longs for the robins to nest but they don't. She looks for her husbands but all in vain. The Nakodo, a matchmaker in Japan, gets a suitable alliance of a prince, Yamadori, to Cho-Cho-San. He promises he would give her all the love and happiness and that she would live in his palace along with her baby.

The story is very interesting and portrays the life in 1890's and how Cho-Cho-San longs every minute for Pinkerton's return from America and Robins nest. It was Pinkerton from whom she had learned how marriages are made in US and the process of divorce too! Her innocence and madness to see her husband, has been depicted very well by the author. Cho-Cho-San is Madame Butterfly. I was moved reading this story.

Will the Robins nest for the young boy to be named?

Does Pinkerton return to her or does she chose to marry Yamadori and live in a Palace?

Read the book online here:

My Angel

You loved me ever since I was a tiny cell and nourished me until I was able to take care of myself. You taught me to speak the little words, held my arms when I first started to walk, fall and hurt myself. You taught me maths and science and helped me during my assignments. You would stay awake and clear my doubts during the exams.

I learned to be patient, keep cool head during difficult times and wait for good things. I had found a friend in you whom I would trust with my eyes closed and knew she would always lend her shoulders to lean at all times, good and bad. I knew, your silent prayers to god for my well being.

At times, it was only shit I gave to your heart, with anger and frustration, and you did not speak a word. I am what I am today only because of you. Proud of you, always. No one can ever fill your space.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
~Abraham Lincoln 

‘I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with

Great Ocean Drive

It was my first, two-day road trip, with few friends in Australia traveling across the beautiful sun kissed beaches and seeing the wonderful animals in the Southern Hemisphere. The trip was planned in Summer, being the best time to travel. None of us owned a car and rented an 8 seater car and drove along Great Ocean Road, which is 243 kilometers along the south east coast of Victoria, Australia.

Great Ocean Road was built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932, and is the world's largest war memorial; dedicated to casualties of World War I.

Day one:

We depart Melbourne at 6.30 am on empty stomach and reached Torquay at 8:30 am and had breakfast.
After this, drove to Bells Beach, which is another scenic beach. We then headed towards Anglesea.
The next halt was Aireys Inlet – where we saw the Split Point lighthouse & boardwalk. I was excited to see the lighhouse painted white and tall, had seen them only in the English movies.
After this, it was Fairhaven Beach, Memorial Arch and then we stopped at Lorne, for lunch. We had potato chips (no one calls them French Fries in Australia) explored the town, shops,beach. At the beach, there were people of all ages surfing tirelessly. The sport which I never tried.
Post lunch, we started driving towards Sheoak Waterfalls  and requires climbing down to the waterfall.

The first half of the day was spent admiring the beaches and the second half was spent seeing the cute koalas, feeding the parrots and spending the evening at the Apollo Bay.

Spotted Kangaroos on our
Memorial Arch

Entrance of Great Ocean Road
Parrot feeding
Me in front of the light house

At a waterfall
Lorne, stopped here for lunch
Surfers at Lorne Beach
Surfer at a beach
The road along the Great Ocean
A small hiking which was tiring
Koala spotted on the tree
Day Two:

We wanted to start off as early as possible by 7.30 am from Apollo Bay. As it day passes, the day becomes too hot in Australia. Most shops close as early as 4:30 pm, be it summer or winter. So you have to be early on time to visit any place. 

We had rainforest walk at Maits Rest, followed by Castle Cove, Otway Forest and Lavers Hill.
Next interesting was Gibson steps where we could see the Apostles from sea level. We also went on a helicopter ride which lasted for 12 minutes and was the most exciting part of the trip! 
Loch Ard Gorge, Razorback, Island Archway, Port Campbell, The Arch, London Bridge, The Grotto, Peterborough, Bay of Martyrs, Bay of Island are on the way and can be covered in half a day. 

The Great Apostles
The Great Apostles
The pilot in the helicopter
View of the Apostles from the helicopter
View of the car park during the landing
Me in front of the helicopter
Road to view the apostles
Jump at the Loch Ard Gorge

We returned to Melbourne via Colac travelling through dairy farm country concluding the trip.

When you travel by a car or bike, you get to see more places and plan your own itinerary. You become more conscious driving safely on road especially when you hire a car in a foreign country make sure you don't end you paying huge fines.

I love to travel because I get to meet people with myriad cultures from all over the world, know the history and importance of the place. Most important, traveling in groups, make you more punctual and adjust with your fellow roomies. Last but not the least, I end up buying souvenirs wherever I visit and have a decent collection of them.

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Improved Vision :: Modern Healthcare

I was fifteen year old when I first had my eye checkup which disappointed me that I will have to wear the spectacles all through my life and the boys at high school bullied me Chashmish. My tenth standard exams were nearing and I couldn't spot anything on the blackboard without my spectacles. I would feel bad wearing the spectacles and was more hurt that I was the only one in my class who wore a spectacle: the odd man out!

As I enrolled into the college, I learned about the contact lens from friends who used it and they got rid of  spectacles. Contact lens were a boon, especially to young gals who hated to wear spectacles. I consulted an ophthalmologist and he gave me instructions on using the contact lens, wearing and removing them. I, slowly, started appreciating this new invention to the mankind, and got used to wearing the contact lens. It had been ages that I had been wearing them. Most of the times, during the long day outside or trips, I would forget the lens solution and the case at home. Though, contact lens were tiny, they required heavy maintenance like washing them before and after use, you cannot close your eyes even for 5 minutes and doze, cannot wear them for more than 8 hours a day. The worse came, when I had to travel by flight and buy a small solution bottle every time and undergo customs check at the airport which would delay the check in.
Wearing a contact lens.
Image Courtesy: Google Images

                     "The eye sees what it brings the power to see."

LASIK eye surgery came as a boon which would eliminate both the spectacles and contact lens. The eye sight would be normal as that of the baby's eyes. I underwent LASIK eye surgery recently and happy to see the world with my new eyes. The vision is sharp and perfect and I can read without any hassle. LASIK is a painless surgery and lasts for less than 10 minutes for both the eyes.
Initially, I feared of Anesthesia‎ which would be injected to the eye. But, the modern health care has advanced and there was no topic of injecting anesthesia into the eye at all. It was mere eye drops that the nurse put into my eyes and after a while I was taken to the surgery room. The focussed green light and red spectrum was all I could see and it was all done in few minutes. The surgeon was amicable and was explaining what he was doing during the procedure that made me confident. Unlike, the earlier times, eye operations are now OPD and you can walk off after the procedure.
I took rest for about 2 weeks and was back to work which involved staring at the computer monitor. But all went fine.

Medical facilities have advanced so much that they can even bring life and make out lives colorful.
Be it a cosmetic surgery, infertility care, Bone Marrow Transplant, Stem Cell Transplant and even C-section, the healing period has reduced. During the earlier days, say 15-20 years ago, the person who undergoes surgery had to take rest for months together at home which would result in loss of pay. The living standards have improved and you can join work after few days of treatment.

We must be thankful to the medical advancements who have made a layman's life lot more easier than it was earlier, without the fear of the knives and scissors harming us.

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M.A.C Cosmetics


If you have any 6 empties of M.A.C cosmetics, then exchange it at any M.A.C showroom and get yourself a M.A.C lipstick free. 

If My Dad Was A Politician

"If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher." 
Dr. Abdul Kalam

If my dad was a politician, he would have been in the shoes of the "aam janta" and realise the struggle which the middle class and the poor sections of India go through daily to make a living, who do not earn as much as the software or the MBA professionals do. He would have adopted an effective model that benefits the weaker section of the society for betterment. He would reduce the sky rising prices of food, education and hospital charges which would obviously burn one's lifelong savings. He would also put an end to corruption and encourage people not to bribe at any cost. It requires people's contribution as well for a major mission like this. 

If my dad was a politician, he would bring a law to punish who disrespect Mother Earth littering the garbage here and there. He would bring a congestion tax on the vehicles plying during the peak hours, unlike London and New York, and encourage both rich and poor to use the public transport. This way, we reduce the pollution and save the earth for our children. Proper garbage disposal and recycling, sea water reclaim for domestic usage.

If my dad was a politician, he would make introduce measures for welfare of women. Education till graduation will be mandatory so that women can support themselves and their families. Better maternity benefits such as paid leave for a long duration. Strict punishment for eve teasing. Children suffering from disabilities, should be educated and government sponsored, irrespective of their gender.

Last but not the least, the old age sufferings which most are undergoing due to the nuclear families in India. Who should take care of aged parents, has become a question? It is the children's and governments responsibility to take care of them.

PS: My dad never wants to be a politician because the politicians never bother to look at the people's concerns or demands once they occupy the seat. A common man can do lot better without the tag of being a "politician". 

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Archive of Indian Music

Archive of Indian Music (AIM) is a collection or more appropriate "repository" of the gramophone recordings of India, launched on May 10th 2013. AIM is the brain-child of Vikram Sampath, the Founder, author of 3 books, Splendours of Royal Mysore,’ ‘My name is Gauhar Jaan' and ‘Voice of the Veena: S Balachander', which I am yet to read, Chief Patron: T. V. Mohandas Pai and the co-founders: Sampath Srinivasan and H.N. Nagamani.

The main objective behind this initiative is to maintain a collection of high quality recordings and preserve them, availability of the golden music collection to musicians, students, audience...

The website has a friendly interface with a huge search tool based on artist or songs. You can have a look at the list of artists arranged alphabetically.

I searched for Sri "Chowdaiah" the renowned Violinist maestro in Carnatic music from Karnataka.
The search results are displayed with the name of the artist with the photograph, biography and the set of songs, that are embedded using soundcloud.

Search result for Violin Maestro: T Chowdaiah
Search result for Violin Maestro: T Chowdaiah 
Search result for Violin Maestro: T Chowdaiah
Search result displaying Md Rafi.
I am happy to see this initiative which has an excellent collections of the untold musicians of all the genres in India, which cannot be found in the music stores always. AIM is a bliss to the music lovers who like to listen to old songs or Carnatic or Hindustani recordings, at a single click.

You can also help the organisation by donating old gramophone records or contribute monetarily.

Like their Facebook page for regular updates:

A boon for long hair

A long hair is a boon and at the same, the maintenance is not. You can try new hairstyles, braid it or leave it, whatever you like. With the temperatures increasing this summer in Bangalore, its hard to leave the hair open and I wished to try some new hairstyle. French braid, Dutch braid are the ones which I normally braid during the weekdays to office and wanted something different to attend a function.

It takes a lot of effort to do a new hairstyle. TRESemme promises by using their shampoo, you will be ready for ramp with a different hair do. Check some of the interesting videos which are described in detailed on YouTube here and give a try.

A friend of mine tried this hairstyle as mine is a long hair:
1. Taking several partitions of the hair
2. Roll the each partition upward and ping it using a small hair pain.
3. Repeat the same process until all the partitions are rolled.
4. Decorate with golden beads or pearls (optional)

For my waist length, it took 1.5 hours to braid and here is the result.  

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Travel with Darter

I have always dreamed since I was a child, hoping I would fulfill them someday. As I grew, the dreams grew and would remain an unfulfilled wish. We come across very few people in reality who follow their dreams in reality.

With over 10 years of experience in the Software industry, Arun Bhat quit his corporate job to explore the new horizons. He begun to travel across India. Arun is the co-founder of and founder of

As he traveled, he started to record all the travelogues along with the photographs on his personal blog,, a decade ago. Why the name paintedstork? The blog contains beautiful images of the bird found in South India. The readership of the blog grew and more people began to appreciate the content and the images. His work expanded the boundaries of his blog and started to publish travelogues in travel magazines, in-flight magazines and newspapers.

The images were then used by several publications, catalogs and other users. And then the first steps of building a career out of photography was born! Arun then started working on commercial assignments in photography and offered services to my clients, and in the process, worked for some leading corporates like Mahindra Holidays, Shapoorji Pallonji Compnay Ltd, Videocon group to name a few.

This did not restrict the boundaries and soon, Travel Photography company, was born two and a half years ago, along with its co-founder Shreeram MV. Darter contemplated on spreading the know-how of the art of photography to all people who want to make beautiful images in all type of photography, not restricting to any particular genre. Darter iniitially started the operations with photography tours to Hampi, where they wanted to introduce amateur photographers, who were photography enthusiasts, to all forms of outdoor photography including architecture and heritage, travel, landscapes and wildlife. Subsequently, they have spread out operations to photography tours across India on various genres, including photographing smaller forms of wildlife, street photography, bird photography and much more. They also conduct workshops to get beginners jump-started, advanced photography workshops and professional level workshops in Bangalore. The professional level workshops help bring amateurs on par and get started with all that is required to start accepting assignments.

When Darter was started, they had a small crowd of supporters who trusted their capabilities and keen to try their offering. They were encouraged by the positive feedback that kept them trying newer things.

There are hurdles in very path and Arun, too, faced challenges. During the initial days, it was always difficult to reach out to enthusiasts about their offerings, as they were new and few people had heard about. But now, times are changing.

Every hard work has its rewards. But you have to wait for it. Darter has been the only company in the country that offers such a wide range of topics to learn on various genres of photography. Few places in India offer short-term workshops on such varied genres like landscape photography, travel photography, product photography, photographing small forms of wildlife, etc

Today, Darter has successfully created an interest and awareness on the joy of photography to hundreds of people, many of whom have taken photography as a serious form of fulfillment  while a few have gone on to take up photography as their full or part time profession. They have made efforts to grow together, as we keenly nurture talent through creating a community of our photography enthusiasts and helping continuously with their work.

Darter has been awarded as the best travel & wildlife photographers at GCC Puraskar, an award for the travel industry where hundreds of leading travel companies from across India have participated.

They have diversified the portfolio of photography tours to wide geographic range across India, from Kerala to the south to Ladakh in the North, Rajasthan and Gujarat in the west to seven-sister states to the east.

It takes lot of courage to quit the job when everything is going smooth and a lot of struggle to build a career which you are passionate about. Arun Bhat inspires many of us to follow the dreams which you're passionate about.

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Sin-A-Mon Tales

Women make sacrifices at all phases of life as a wife and a mother, as a supporting pillar to the family. We come across many who have inspired us and whom we admire and follow.

Monika kissed a good bye to her corporate job to take care of her little son. She is a techie with over 10 years of experience, with an MS in Computer Science. And the founder of Sin-A-Mon, baking boutique.

Initially, it would be a break for 6 months she thought and it turned out to be 3 years. She took up freelancing projects while taking care of her son at home. As a child, her mother would prepare cakes she would admire. Her love for baking grew as a hobby and she would try new recipes at home and publish them on her blog. The readers appreciated and she knew what her next step was. Sin-A-Mon was born in Oct 2011.

"Cinnamon is one of my favourite sweet spices and also something widely used in baking dishes. We tweaked the term a bit and named my startup Sin-a-mon. Sin for sinning and mon for the initial letters for my name." 

Chaipatty was the customer Sin-A-Mon delivered its first order. Today, Sin-A-Mon is a specialist in cupcakes and breads and has been getting a lot of savory orders – breads ofcourse but even apart from the that. Savory bakes are catching up in terms of savory muffins etc. Cinnamon rolls and spiked red velvet cupcakes are the hottest selling items. Another thing that moves very fast is the liquor filled and spiked cupcakes.

Most of he business is online and customers interact via twitter and Facebook. 

Apart from these, Sin-A-Mon also conducts baking classes on various topics – for those who know the basics, and those also are new and baking enthusiasts, and those who want to enhance their skills like bread baking, dessert making workshop, pies and pastries etc. workshops are also conducted  for kids in summer and also corporate baking workshops.

Monika faced challenges too. It was tough to bake from home. Moreover, the biggest challenge was the time management, sometimes you end up baking all night because there is a morning order and the regular life has taken over the day. Apart from that the baking ingredient market is opening up a lot and most of the stuff can be found in India, she still asks friends making abroad to get some stuff but can see the list slowly becoming shorter.

In this journey, she met Rocky & Mayur of highway on her plate fame, Kate Bracks from Masterchef Australia.

Monika always listened to her heart and followed her dream. She has been a source of inspiration to many women who wish to follow their dream and face the situations with boldness.. .. and Never give up.

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Aanandamrithakarshini :: Carnatic Music

I am trained in Carnatic vocal music and learning to play Veena has been one of the challenges! Whenever I find time, I search for music videos and spend hours listening to them. 

Aanandamrithakarshini by Veena maestro S Balachander , a self taught musician, is mind blowing and you would listen again and again. The raaga is believed to bring rain when sung, an appraise to Lord Varuna (God of rains). It is a composition by Musical Trinity of South Indian Carnatic music, Muthuswami Dikshitar.

Aanandamrithakarshini: Veena S Balachander

I was able to find the vocal sung by M. Balamuralikrishna here

Song : Aanandaamruthakarshini
Raaga: Amritavarshini

66 citraambari janya
Aa: S G3 M2 P N3 S
Av: S N3 P M2 G3 S

TaaLa: aadi
Composer: Muttuswamy Dikshitar
Language: Sanskrit


aanandaa mrutakarshiNi
aanandaa mrutakarshiNi
haraadi poojutE shivE bavaani

samaashTi Charanam

shree nandanaa- di samrakshiNi
shree guruguha jana nee ...
shree nandanaa- di samrakshiNi
shree guruguha jana nee sidroopiNi

saananda hrudaya nilayE sadaye
satya soovrushti hE davEdvaam
santatam chintayE amrutEshwaree
salilam varshaya varshaya varshaya


s,,g ,,mp nSnn ppmg
s,,p ,,n, ,sgm pmmg
sg,m p,gm ,pn, pnSG
S,,n pmmg s,,S npmg

Go Bowling at Gopalan Innovation Mall

It had been a long time catching up with college friends and we decided for bowling at Gopalan Mall since it was close by to where we live and we had never tried it before. Gopalan Innovation Mall is located on Bannerghatta Road close to Jayadeva Flyover.

The cost of bowling is priced at Rs 175 for 10 rounds (with ten-pins) which is the same price as in Amoeba. The bowling area is quiet big with cold drinks and seating arrangements. The area is clean and well-maintained. 

We started bowling, the pins (the white bottles) would get stuck after the first round and would hang. Every time, we would call the office staff to fix the problem. This was really annoying and would take much longer to finish. Overall experience of bowling was NOT so good and I would not recommend this place for bowling. If you have been regularly bowling at Amoeba in Church Street, you wouldn't like bowling here. They would be able to attract people only if more maintenance is done and problems are fixed on priority.

Photography and videography are banned in the bowling area and hence, I did not click any photos. For pictures you can have a look at their Facebook page: 

My rating: 2/5

I cast my vote, did you?

I have been listening to the radio station "Fever 104" on which the morning show is hosted by RJ Shraddha who interviewed a couple of contestants, questioned them why one should vote for them, so on and so forth, throughout this week. The campaign focused on voting as your right and don't give reasons : No voters card, its a Sunday, an IPL cricket match, no candidate worth it...There were ads announced which goes, "cast your vote or else they will show us the finger". After listening to the radio, I did google for the candidates who stood for the constituency where I live. 

I cast my vote today in the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013. Having seen the plight of the parties over the few years in Karnataka, I was reluctant to vote, but somehow made up my mind finally and took my voters id card which I obtained at the age of 18 along with the voters slip. 

At the voting centre, which is usually a government school, I found my name listed. Thankfully! The ladies at the counter verified my identity along with the voters slip, asked me to sign in a register and applied the ink on the left hand ring finger. During the past years, the ink was applied on the index finger. Here is the proof. 

Cast my vote for Karnataka Assembly Elections May 2013
The next step was to vote using the "electronic" machines. I was also shocked to see 16 parties contesting for the seat. Unlike, USA, Australia and other countries where there are just 2 parties, leaving their citizens with no confusion or great clarity of who does what to the nation and the people. I was awe stuck to see the 16 symbols, some of which I hadn't heard before. I pressed the button of my choice and finished the duty of an Indian citizen. 

As per the latest statistics, the number of people who voted from rural parts of Karnataka outnumbered that of Bangalore Urban which is a sad news.