A boon for long hair

A long hair is a boon and at the same, the maintenance is not. You can try new hairstyles, braid it or leave it, whatever you like. With the temperatures increasing this summer in Bangalore, its hard to leave the hair open and I wished to try some new hairstyle. French braid, Dutch braid are the ones which I normally braid during the weekdays to office and wanted something different to attend a function.

It takes a lot of effort to do a new hairstyle. TRESemme promises by using their shampoo, you will be ready for ramp with a different hair do. Check some of the interesting videos which are described in detailed on YouTube here and give a try.

A friend of mine tried this hairstyle as mine is a long hair:
1. Taking several partitions of the hair
2. Roll the each partition upward and ping it using a small hair pain.
3. Repeat the same process until all the partitions are rolled.
4. Decorate with golden beads or pearls (optional)

For my waist length, it took 1.5 hours to braid and here is the result.  

This post is a part of interactive TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair in association with Indiblogger.

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