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I am trained in Carnatic vocal music and learning to play Veena has been one of the challenges! Whenever I find time, I search for music videos and spend hours listening to them. 

Aanandamrithakarshini by Veena maestro S Balachander , a self taught musician, is mind blowing and you would listen again and again. The raaga is believed to bring rain when sung, an appraise to Lord Varuna (God of rains). It is a composition by Musical Trinity of South Indian Carnatic music, Muthuswami Dikshitar.

Aanandamrithakarshini: Veena S Balachander

I was able to find the vocal sung by M. Balamuralikrishna here

Song : Aanandaamruthakarshini
Raaga: Amritavarshini

66 citraambari janya
Aa: S G3 M2 P N3 S
Av: S N3 P M2 G3 S

TaaLa: aadi
Composer: Muttuswamy Dikshitar
Language: Sanskrit


aanandaa mrutakarshiNi
aanandaa mrutakarshiNi
haraadi poojutE shivE bavaani

samaashTi Charanam

shree nandanaa- di samrakshiNi
shree guruguha jana nee ...
shree nandanaa- di samrakshiNi
shree guruguha jana nee sidroopiNi

saananda hrudaya nilayE sadaye
satya soovrushti hE davEdvaam
santatam chintayE amrutEshwaree
salilam varshaya varshaya varshaya


s,,g ,,mp nSnn ppmg
s,,p ,,n, ,sgm pmmg
sg,m p,gm ,pn, pnSG
S,,n pmmg s,,S npmg

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