Go Bowling at Gopalan Innovation Mall

It had been a long time catching up with college friends and we decided for bowling at Gopalan Mall since it was close by to where we live and we had never tried it before. Gopalan Innovation Mall is located on Bannerghatta Road close to Jayadeva Flyover.

The cost of bowling is priced at Rs 175 for 10 rounds (with ten-pins) which is the same price as in Amoeba. The bowling area is quiet big with cold drinks and seating arrangements. The area is clean and well-maintained. 

We started bowling, the pins (the white bottles) would get stuck after the first round and would hang. Every time, we would call the office staff to fix the problem. This was really annoying and would take much longer to finish. Overall experience of bowling was NOT so good and I would not recommend this place for bowling. If you have been regularly bowling at Amoeba in Church Street, you wouldn't like bowling here. They would be able to attract people only if more maintenance is done and problems are fixed on priority.

Photography and videography are banned in the bowling area and hence, I did not click any photos. For pictures you can have a look at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Go.bowlings 

My rating: 2/5

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