I cast my vote, did you?

I have been listening to the radio station "Fever 104" on which the morning show is hosted by RJ Shraddha who interviewed a couple of contestants, questioned them why one should vote for them, so on and so forth, throughout this week. The campaign focused on voting as your right and don't give reasons : No voters card, its a Sunday, an IPL cricket match, no candidate worth it...There were ads announced which goes, "cast your vote or else they will show us the finger". After listening to the radio, I did google for the candidates who stood for the constituency where I live. 

I cast my vote today in the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013. Having seen the plight of the parties over the few years in Karnataka, I was reluctant to vote, but somehow made up my mind finally and took my voters id card which I obtained at the age of 18 along with the voters slip. 

At the voting centre, which is usually a government school, I found my name listed. Thankfully! The ladies at the counter verified my identity along with the voters slip, asked me to sign in a register and applied the ink on the left hand ring finger. During the past years, the ink was applied on the index finger. Here is the proof. 

Cast my vote for Karnataka Assembly Elections May 2013
The next step was to vote using the "electronic" machines. I was also shocked to see 16 parties contesting for the seat. Unlike, USA, Australia and other countries where there are just 2 parties, leaving their citizens with no confusion or great clarity of who does what to the nation and the people. I was awe stuck to see the 16 symbols, some of which I hadn't heard before. I pressed the button of my choice and finished the duty of an Indian citizen. 

As per the latest statistics, the number of people who voted from rural parts of Karnataka outnumbered that of Bangalore Urban which is a sad news. 

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