If My Dad Was A Politician

"If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher." 
Dr. Abdul Kalam

If my dad was a politician, he would have been in the shoes of the "aam janta" and realise the struggle which the middle class and the poor sections of India go through daily to make a living, who do not earn as much as the software or the MBA professionals do. He would have adopted an effective model that benefits the weaker section of the society for betterment. He would reduce the sky rising prices of food, education and hospital charges which would obviously burn one's lifelong savings. He would also put an end to corruption and encourage people not to bribe at any cost. It requires people's contribution as well for a major mission like this. 

If my dad was a politician, he would bring a law to punish who disrespect Mother Earth littering the garbage here and there. He would bring a congestion tax on the vehicles plying during the peak hours, unlike London and New York, and encourage both rich and poor to use the public transport. This way, we reduce the pollution and save the earth for our children. Proper garbage disposal and recycling, sea water reclaim for domestic usage.

If my dad was a politician, he would make introduce measures for welfare of women. Education till graduation will be mandatory so that women can support themselves and their families. Better maternity benefits such as paid leave for a long duration. Strict punishment for eve teasing. Children suffering from disabilities, should be educated and government sponsored, irrespective of their gender.

Last but not the least, the old age sufferings which most are undergoing due to the nuclear families in India. Who should take care of aged parents, has become a question? It is the children's and governments responsibility to take care of them.

PS: My dad never wants to be a politician because the politicians never bother to look at the people's concerns or demands once they occupy the seat. A common man can do lot better without the tag of being a "politician". 

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