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I was fifteen year old when I first had my eye checkup which disappointed me that I will have to wear the spectacles all through my life and the boys at high school bullied me Chashmish. My tenth standard exams were nearing and I couldn't spot anything on the blackboard without my spectacles. I would feel bad wearing the spectacles and was more hurt that I was the only one in my class who wore a spectacle: the odd man out!

As I enrolled into the college, I learned about the contact lens from friends who used it and they got rid of  spectacles. Contact lens were a boon, especially to young gals who hated to wear spectacles. I consulted an ophthalmologist and he gave me instructions on using the contact lens, wearing and removing them. I, slowly, started appreciating this new invention to the mankind, and got used to wearing the contact lens. It had been ages that I had been wearing them. Most of the times, during the long day outside or trips, I would forget the lens solution and the case at home. Though, contact lens were tiny, they required heavy maintenance like washing them before and after use, you cannot close your eyes even for 5 minutes and doze, cannot wear them for more than 8 hours a day. The worse came, when I had to travel by flight and buy a small solution bottle every time and undergo customs check at the airport which would delay the check in.
Wearing a contact lens.
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                     "The eye sees what it brings the power to see."

LASIK eye surgery came as a boon which would eliminate both the spectacles and contact lens. The eye sight would be normal as that of the baby's eyes. I underwent LASIK eye surgery recently and happy to see the world with my new eyes. The vision is sharp and perfect and I can read without any hassle. LASIK is a painless surgery and lasts for less than 10 minutes for both the eyes.
Initially, I feared of Anesthesia‎ which would be injected to the eye. But, the modern health care has advanced and there was no topic of injecting anesthesia into the eye at all. It was mere eye drops that the nurse put into my eyes and after a while I was taken to the surgery room. The focussed green light and red spectrum was all I could see and it was all done in few minutes. The surgeon was amicable and was explaining what he was doing during the procedure that made me confident. Unlike, the earlier times, eye operations are now OPD and you can walk off after the procedure.
I took rest for about 2 weeks and was back to work which involved staring at the computer monitor. But all went fine.

Medical facilities have advanced so much that they can even bring life and make out lives colorful.
Be it a cosmetic surgery, infertility care, Bone Marrow Transplant, Stem Cell Transplant and even C-section, the healing period has reduced. During the earlier days, say 15-20 years ago, the person who undergoes surgery had to take rest for months together at home which would result in loss of pay. The living standards have improved and you can join work after few days of treatment.

We must be thankful to the medical advancements who have made a layman's life lot more easier than it was earlier, without the fear of the knives and scissors harming us.

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