Madame Butterfly::Book Review

Madame Butterfly by John Luther Long
An audiobook I listened to
Author: John Luther Long

Chapters: 15

Cho-Cho-San, a 15 year old Geisha is married to an American Lieutenant, B.F. Pikerton, and she is the main character of the story. Pinkerton leases the house after their marriage but Cho-Cho-San is unhappy as she is not allowed to invite her family members for August Ancestors in Japan

Pinkerton leaves Japan to US and Cho-Cho-San only hopes for his healthy return. Meanwhile, she delivers their baby boy. The baby has purple eyes and as fair as his American father. She has to name her son after the Robins nest that year, she longs for the robins to nest but they don't. She looks for her husbands but all in vain. The Nakodo, a matchmaker in Japan, gets a suitable alliance of a prince, Yamadori, to Cho-Cho-San. He promises he would give her all the love and happiness and that she would live in his palace along with her baby.

The story is very interesting and portrays the life in 1890's and how Cho-Cho-San longs every minute for Pinkerton's return from America and Robins nest. It was Pinkerton from whom she had learned how marriages are made in US and the process of divorce too! Her innocence and madness to see her husband, has been depicted very well by the author. Cho-Cho-San is Madame Butterfly. I was moved reading this story.

Will the Robins nest for the young boy to be named?

Does Pinkerton return to her or does she chose to marry Yamadori and live in a Palace?

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    1. Marcus Hepburn, Thanks. Its only one book not both. :)

      BTW, where are you from?


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