Mandram Vantha..

I like listening to songs of all genres, be it Kannada, Tamil, Telugu or Hindi, that are melodious.Maestro Illayaraja is one of the famous South Indian music composer from the Tamil film industry. He has also contributed to the Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi film industries. One would be mesmerized listening to his compositions.

A Tamil movie, Mouna Ragam , starring Mohan and Revathi was directed in 1986. One of the hit songs of the movie is "Mandram Vantha" which I have listened umpteen times and never get bored.

In 1981, Kannada movie, Geetha, was directed by Shankar Nag who was the main lead and Akshata Rao. The romantic song from this movie which is a hit even today is "Jothe Jotheyali" composed by the Maestro.

In 2007, Hindi movie, Cheeni Kum starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu was released and the title track, "Cheeni Kum", a song became a hit.

When I listen to all the three songs, the tunes are the same in 3 different languages, yet adorable. You can't listen to one and leave the other. What is your take on this?

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