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Women make sacrifices at all phases of life as a wife and a mother, as a supporting pillar to the family. We come across many who have inspired us and whom we admire and follow.

Monika kissed a good bye to her corporate job to take care of her little son. She is a techie with over 10 years of experience, with an MS in Computer Science. And the founder of Sin-A-Mon, baking boutique.

Initially, it would be a break for 6 months she thought and it turned out to be 3 years. She took up freelancing projects while taking care of her son at home. As a child, her mother would prepare cakes she would admire. Her love for baking grew as a hobby and she would try new recipes at home and publish them on her blog. The readers appreciated and she knew what her next step was. Sin-A-Mon was born in Oct 2011.

"Cinnamon is one of my favourite sweet spices and also something widely used in baking dishes. We tweaked the term a bit and named my startup Sin-a-mon. Sin for sinning and mon for the initial letters for my name." 

Chaipatty was the customer Sin-A-Mon delivered its first order. Today, Sin-A-Mon is a specialist in cupcakes and breads and has been getting a lot of savory orders – breads ofcourse but even apart from the that. Savory bakes are catching up in terms of savory muffins etc. Cinnamon rolls and spiked red velvet cupcakes are the hottest selling items. Another thing that moves very fast is the liquor filled and spiked cupcakes.

Most of he business is online and customers interact via twitter and Facebook. 

Apart from these, Sin-A-Mon also conducts baking classes on various topics – for those who know the basics, and those also are new and baking enthusiasts, and those who want to enhance their skills like bread baking, dessert making workshop, pies and pastries etc. workshops are also conducted  for kids in summer and also corporate baking workshops.

Monika faced challenges too. It was tough to bake from home. Moreover, the biggest challenge was the time management, sometimes you end up baking all night because there is a morning order and the regular life has taken over the day. Apart from that the baking ingredient market is opening up a lot and most of the stuff can be found in India, she still asks friends making abroad to get some stuff but can see the list slowly becoming shorter.

In this journey, she met Rocky & Mayur of highway on her plate fame, Kate Bracks from Masterchef Australia.

Monika always listened to her heart and followed her dream. She has been a source of inspiration to many women who wish to follow their dream and face the situations with boldness.. .. and Never give up.

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