Singapore Visitor Visa :: How to apply from Australia

I had applied for Singapore Visitor visa from Australia while I planned to take a transit for 3 days and see the city. I was skeptical I would get an on arrival visa for Indian passport holders and sent an email to the Singapore High Commission and they replied with detailed email, with the documents and fee required to process my visa.

Please note, the below procedure applies ONLY if you're holding an Indian passport with a valid Australia Work Permit

Kindly follow the guidelines below to apply for an Entry Visa for Singapore:- -

Step 1:
Fill out form 14A (can be downloaded from here from Indian passport holders) and paste one passport size photo onto form 14A. Read the details here:

Step 2:
Provide us the original of your passport (must be valid for at least 6 months at the point of arrival in Singapore) including the details of your current Australian visa.

Step 3:
Travel itinerary (Onward/return ticket details)

Step 4:
Self addressed envelope (Please speak to Australia Post or a courier company to arrange safe transport)

Step 5:
A fee of A$25 per person by Money Order or Bank Cheque, please make it payable to "Singapore High Commission, Canberra". (If applying for more than 1 person, one - Money Order/Bank Cheque of #of persons x $25 is fine)

Step 6:
Contact details (mobile number / email address)

You will need to post, courier or hand deliver this to the

Singapore High Commission
17 Forster Cres
ACT 2600.

Normal processing time is a minimum of 4 working days (excluding delivery time). Please note that the Singapore High Commission in Canberra does not have online application facilities. We need to receive the application by post, courier or in person.

My personal experience
It took just 2 days for the Singapore High Commission to process my visa application and happy to see such a quick service. I had sent all the required documents as they had mentioned above.

First and foremost, book your flight tickets at least a month before your travel and have the confirmed itinerary handy.
Book the hotel online. You can check out for the hotels suiting your budget on . I would not advise booking a hotel in Little India, Singapore.
Fill the form and pasted a passport size photograph NOT more than 6 months old.
Money order for the visa costs 25 AUD and can be purchased at any Bank or Post Office.
Two Platinum envelopes - one addressed to Singapore High Commission and other is self-addressed. Double check your address before sending.
Don't forget to send your passport.

Visa is provided in an A4 sheet.

Total cost involved in AUD:

  1. SGP Visa                  = 25 $ (equivalent to 30 SGD)
  2. Money order             = 7.95 $
  3. 2 Platinum envelopes = 27.80 $ (13.90 $ each) 

          Total cost                  = 60.75 AUD

Applying from India
Please go through this website and follow the simple procedure. 

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