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I have always dreamed since I was a child, hoping I would fulfill them someday. As I grew, the dreams grew and would remain an unfulfilled wish. We come across very few people in reality who follow their dreams in reality.

With over 10 years of experience in the Software industry, Arun Bhat quit his corporate job to explore the new horizons. He begun to travel across India. Arun is the co-founder of and founder of

As he traveled, he started to record all the travelogues along with the photographs on his personal blog,, a decade ago. Why the name paintedstork? The blog contains beautiful images of the bird found in South India. The readership of the blog grew and more people began to appreciate the content and the images. His work expanded the boundaries of his blog and started to publish travelogues in travel magazines, in-flight magazines and newspapers.

The images were then used by several publications, catalogs and other users. And then the first steps of building a career out of photography was born! Arun then started working on commercial assignments in photography and offered services to my clients, and in the process, worked for some leading corporates like Mahindra Holidays, Shapoorji Pallonji Compnay Ltd, Videocon group to name a few.

This did not restrict the boundaries and soon, Travel Photography company, was born two and a half years ago, along with its co-founder Shreeram MV. Darter contemplated on spreading the know-how of the art of photography to all people who want to make beautiful images in all type of photography, not restricting to any particular genre. Darter iniitially started the operations with photography tours to Hampi, where they wanted to introduce amateur photographers, who were photography enthusiasts, to all forms of outdoor photography including architecture and heritage, travel, landscapes and wildlife. Subsequently, they have spread out operations to photography tours across India on various genres, including photographing smaller forms of wildlife, street photography, bird photography and much more. They also conduct workshops to get beginners jump-started, advanced photography workshops and professional level workshops in Bangalore. The professional level workshops help bring amateurs on par and get started with all that is required to start accepting assignments.

When Darter was started, they had a small crowd of supporters who trusted their capabilities and keen to try their offering. They were encouraged by the positive feedback that kept them trying newer things.

There are hurdles in very path and Arun, too, faced challenges. During the initial days, it was always difficult to reach out to enthusiasts about their offerings, as they were new and few people had heard about. But now, times are changing.

Every hard work has its rewards. But you have to wait for it. Darter has been the only company in the country that offers such a wide range of topics to learn on various genres of photography. Few places in India offer short-term workshops on such varied genres like landscape photography, travel photography, product photography, photographing small forms of wildlife, etc

Today, Darter has successfully created an interest and awareness on the joy of photography to hundreds of people, many of whom have taken photography as a serious form of fulfillment  while a few have gone on to take up photography as their full or part time profession. They have made efforts to grow together, as we keenly nurture talent through creating a community of our photography enthusiasts and helping continuously with their work.

Darter has been awarded as the best travel & wildlife photographers at GCC Puraskar, an award for the travel industry where hundreds of leading travel companies from across India have participated.

They have diversified the portfolio of photography tours to wide geographic range across India, from Kerala to the south to Ladakh in the North, Rajasthan and Gujarat in the west to seven-sister states to the east.

It takes lot of courage to quit the job when everything is going smooth and a lot of struggle to build a career which you are passionate about. Arun Bhat inspires many of us to follow the dreams which you're passionate about.

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