A stitch in time saves nine

Savita is a foodie and loved eating sweets regularly. She would never stop herself from eating ice creams, chocolates, gulab jamoons and jalebis etc, be it day or night. You name it and she would eat it. Savita, at 23, was always confident that she would never get affected by any disease as she was working out in the gyms and wouldn't be difficult for her to lose weight on eating the food of her choice.

It would surprise her roommate, Mala, on how Savita began eating the sweets and other junks sold by roadside vendor. It was Savita who motivated Mala to join the gym and both of them would regularly work out. Seeing Savita, Mala would be tempted to join her while eating sweets. Mala would brush her teeth twice everyday, once in the morning and once in the night before going to bed.
She advised Savita, that she should brush her teeth twice as she has been eating too many sweets. Savita would ignore Mala's advise with a smile saying she is a better judge of her own.

A few months later, Savita developed an acute pain in her teeth and gums. She thought a pain killer would reduce the pain. This happened rarely and she would take a pain killer every time. One fine day, she realised her gums were bleeding and unable to eat anything.

Savita visits a dentist for the unbearable pain. The dentist says it too late and the wisdom teeth has to be removed.

Had she listened to Mala and brushed her teeth, visited the dentist on time when she had an acute pain, she would have saved her wisdom teeth. She walked out of the dentist clinic in pain, disappointed, thinking all the way, how she would've overcome if had taken decision on time. She had always taken care of her body by working out at gym but had ignore her oral health.

Ignoring any warning signals related to your health, it could turn out to be fatal at later stage. Always love yourself and your body.

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

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  1. the last line is a gem!
    nice post.
    keep blogging.


  2. I wrote my post with the same caption on 4th june and thats a coincidence that yours is dated 5th june...



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