Figs & Rouge :: Aloe & Mint Balm

I received Figs & Rouge : Aloe & Mint lip balm as a part of Vellvette box. The balm is a white jelly that comes in a round metal box with a beautiful design on the top of the box.
Figs & Rouge claim it to be 100% Organic. 

I applied the balm on the lips and it easily melts. I could feel the mint cooling after applying.

Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Balm

Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Balm

Balm is 100% Organic

How to use manual

So far, I have tried only on my lips and have not tried on my feet. 

Cost : Rs 695.

Quantity: 17ml.

All the pictures have been clicked under natural light without any photoshop or flash.

Overall product rating 4.5/5

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