OLAY Total Effects 7 in one cream serum duo

I have been using OLAY Total Effects 7 in one cream serum duo for 10 days now. I wanted to use it well before I could review this product. Olay claims that the product can protect the skin against the 7 signs of ageing such as 
Fine lines and wrinkles: reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Uneven Tone: balances and evens out skin tone. 
Age Spots: Reduces appearance of age spots. 
Uneven Texture: Smoothens and evens out skin texture.
Dryness: Provides nourishing moisturisation. 
Dullness: Gives skin radiance.
Pores: minimizes the appearance of pores.

Olay promises to provide the below 7 effects in one cream. I apply the cream twice, in the morning and evening after a face wash on my face and neck. It is a cramy in colour not exactly white. I found it to be non greasy. It has an SPF 15. Having used for ten days, below are my views on the product.

Fine lines and wrinkles.
I do not have any wrinkles but less visible lines. So I cannot comment on how it works with wrinkles. After using it consistently, I feel the difference. The lines have reduced gradually. 

Uneven Tone.
It is slightly dark under eyes and I have been applying the cream constantly under eyes. But I do not find any difference on the skin tone under eyes with other areas of my face. May be if I use the cream in a long run, I can see some difference.

Age Spots.
I don't have any age spots. So I cannot comment on this.

Uneven Texture.
It works great on my oily skin. I felt the skin become soft after the usage of the cream. 

I have a very oily skin and have to wash my face very often with a non-oily face wash. I was afraid that the cream will make my face much oily and greasy. but it worked great on my oily skin here. The cream is non greasy as I apply it on my face and neck. I felt it controls the oil and I don't find it too much oily. 

It gives skins a glow and radiance as the product promises. I feel my skin has a shine and gives a lot of moisture.

The pores are slowly gone am sure it will be completely gone after sometime.
I apply the cream twice, in the morning and evening after a face wash including under eyes. The cream doesnot leave any residue not a whitish patch on applying. It can be used as a moisturizer and can be used before applying any make up foundation. 

It is very handy and can fit into the makeup kit easily or even in jeans pocket easily. It is a plastic container with a dispenser in black color at the top. You have to pump it on the top to get the cream which comes out in sufficient quantities. One thing what I wondered was, the container is half filled and is 20 grams. I would have preferred a full container instead of half. I did not get the concept behind this.

Overall, the product works well with an oily skin and I would recommend this product.

Overall rating: 4/5

Below are pictures I clicked when I tried the product.

I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at BlogAdda.com

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