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As a child, I read in the school books, that, men and women are always equal in all aspects. There is nothing that, we, women cannot do which a man can do. These things appeared fine only in the text books when you have to mug up few lines from the books and scribble them on the exam paper to pass!

The world, outside, treats women in a different way and women are always considered weaker gender compared to men. It has been the way, society has been over centuries. Watch any of the Hindi or Kannada or any regional movie in the 70s, 80s or even the 90s, you see 9 out of 10 women harassed, beaten to death and eve teased in public. Most TV serial soaps also portray women to be homely, not speaking a word against the husband and be an obedient daughter-in-law nodding her head to what elders say. The head of the family always makes a decision and the women have to follow. The sons dominate over the daughters. Sons have more right than the daughters because, once daughters are married, who will take care of them?
So the sons are always given more privilege at home and cajoled.

When a women steps out of the house for college or work, the hurdles are nevertheless. An experience which I had during my college days commuting in the rush bus, most of the men would misbehave with young girls or women, including the ticket conductor. Men who occupy the ladies seat and do not vacate in-spite of repeated requests. The worst part is, most of the girls do not have the courage to speak out and oppose what is happening to them. They remain mum. Unless, you speak up and oppose strongly, things wouldn't change.

Over the past few years, the crime incident on women has increased in the cities like Delhi, Bangalore, that you may read a rape or a child abuse. Women are always criticized that it is the dress that they wear which is the root cause. Women, in this country no longer feel safe walking alone on the street even during the daylight. Unless, what is taught in the school books are also implemented in real world, we wouldn't feel the change. Respect a woman, she is your mother, your sister, a daughter and a wife. Treat her equally with love and care.

Without a women, you wouldn't have entered the world.

A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
~Eleanor Roosevelt 

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