Save a girl child

I was invited to a friend's baby shower while I was overseas. Baby showers are done to bless the expectant mother and the to be born child's well being. The baby's room was decorated with pink colored balloons, written with "Its a girl" and the walls were painted baby pink. They were happily waiting to welcome their new born daughter which they learned during the scanning.

In our country, the rate of female infanticide is high and many parents in the rural areas think it is still a curse to give birth to a girl child and only sons will take care of them till their last breath. Unless, the boys are treated in a similar way, there wouldn't be a new dawn.
I hope, someday, the mothers of the sons, realize that, without girls they wouldn't be able to find a daughter-in-law and the family tree would end.

Stop killing an unborn and the dreams of a mother for her daughter.

People love to have a Mother, a Wife and of course a girlfriend to.. but why not a Daughter?

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