The Secret :: Book review

I completed reading this book sometime ago but I have been waiting for The Secret to work.

Rhonda Byrne has written this book based on her experience while she was in depression and how she came out of it. When things don't work as you wish, when nothing goes as you plan, a phase comes when your life goes blank.

Rhonda has researched to an extent, interviewing celebrities and how they were able to succeed and reach a high position overcoming repeated failures.

Few things that I have noted and preaching while reading this book:
  1. Be grateful to all things you have. Be thankful that you are able to step into another day of your life, to the people around you who love you. When you thank every day, it makes you feel better.
  2. Love yourself, your body, your health. Assume you are healthy, are slim and forget the comparison. Once you love yourself, nothing and no one can make you inferior.
  3. If you think you don't enough money, think you have enough money and much more than that. 
  4. Don't crib about your past or what went wrong. The more you think of it, the more it hurts. 
  5. Appreciate the other person and stop complaining. 
  6. Aging is only in minds of the individuals. If you think you're getting aged, the more you become. Be young at heart and think you are young. The brings a smile on your face every time you think.
  7. Laughter is the best medicine. The more you laugh, the healthier you are.
Always think of good things and the things that you wish to have, achieve, goal. The universe listens attracts and reflects the same. I waited for a long time for my wishes to come true. Though, it is not always guaranteed that things would work as you wish; there is no harm dreaming of good things and feeling great about oneself. That's the mantra to live life happily.

I have seen the movie which is based on the book itself. The movie is a collection of experiences from the people who underwent lot of suffering, be it health, relationships, monies. Success did not come to them easy. Each and every individual has explained their "Secret" to success and by following The Secret, how we can make our lives better.

I liked the movie and I am sure that all of us face challenges or bullied at some point of time. Trust in your self, have faith and things would shape up for good.

Seek and Ye shall find.

This review contributes to the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

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