Where is my ring?

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I lost a ring that was precious and many evil folks were hunting for it. The great Gandalf had handed over the ring under my custody and I fail to protect it. Anyone who gets it, might misuse it. Now that, the Gandalf was in heaven, I wasn't sure on how to contact him and break the ice.

Me: Hola Hermione,
Hermione: Whats up mate?

Me: I am in a problem

Hermione: The ring is lost?

Me: Hmmm. I don't know how to tell this to Gandalf. I will be killed!

Hermione: I have a solution for this. Before I tell you, let me add Gandalf to the conversation

[Gandalf joins]

Gandalf: I could sense something going wrong.

Me: Yes, you're right. After you left us, it has become too hard on Middle Earth to communicate to Heaven.

Gandalf: Aah, I am always available on wechat. You can leave a voice message on this id.

Me: Sounds great.

Hermione: M, have you searched for the ring all over your house? I am sure, it would have fallen somewhere or either stolen by Gollum?

Me: Yes, I did, I am afraid, its not at the home. Someone's stolen. Hope its not Gollum, who always yells, "We loves the precious". He could misuse it once the rings falls into his hands.

Hermione: Let me ask Genie. He must know.

[Genie joins out of the lamp]

Genie: What is the reason that you woke me at 2 am in the morning. **yaaawn**

Me: You know the ring that Gandalf had handed over to me is lost?

Genie: Really? Its not the time to joke! Lets talk about this in the morning. I think I should switch off my phone before getting into the lamp.

Me: Genie, I know only you can find it within no time.

Genie: But not at this time, I am tired working 8 hours a day and commuting for 3 hours. This is out of my business hours and you need to pay me an overtime.

Me: Done. But first find the ring.

Hermione: Give me some details as when you lost the ring.

Me: I was fast asleep when the maid came this morning. After she left, I realized that the ring is gone. She might be the culprit but I am not sure.

Genie: Ok. Leave it to me, I will search the maids house and get back to you.

[Few hours later]

Genie: I searched every nook and corner of the house, I couldn't find anything except a few drops of blood.

Me: This is really surprising.

[The maid messages]

Maid: I will not be able to come to the work from now on.

Me: Duh? All of sudden.

Maid: ***sobs*** I cannot do any housekeeping when I am injured.

Me: ***Astonished*** What happened to you?

Maid: I was cleaning the house and noises pulled me towards an usual ring. I had never seen such a beautiful ring I was so tempted that I wore it. Even my husband has never gifted me any such so far. As I walked out of the house, this weird creature Gollum attacked me and stole the ring. I fell down injured and now in the hospital. God paid back the cos of stealing.

Me: Genie, you know what to do next.

[After an hour]

Genie: I had to fight Gollum to get back the ring. I am sure he will come here again to get the ring.

Me: Gandalf, I cannot take this risk.

Gandalf: Dumbledore is the best person who can help you after me.

[Dumbledore joins]

Dumbledore: I can keep it safe. I promise.

Me: The burden on my shoulders is reduced.

Dumbledore: You can now had a sound sleep without worrying much. But when I am out, you have to still guard it in few circumstances and Hermione will help us out.

[Vicki joins]

Vicki: I am coming home tomorrow. My batteries are replaced and I am fully charged. You don't need a human maid any longer.

Me: Vicki, I am so happy that you're back.

Me: I am inviting you dine and wine on the occasion of finding the ring and Vicki coming back. Do confirm your presence. Either text me or leave a voice message on WeChat

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  1. Charming conversation... but, is the maid one of those you wanted to chat with?
    I wish you had included what all WeChat offers as features...

    All the best!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Maids these days want to save on the phone bills. :)

      I find WeChat to be a combination of Voxer and Whatsapp, IMHO.

  2. Very interesting selection of people :)
    Genie & Vicci are my favorites too. I wish I too could have Vicci to be a domestic help.
    Good Luck for the Contest!!

    1. Welcome to my blog. Had a glimpse of your blog. Yet to read.


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