Bags from Singapore

Last October, in 2012, I was on a vacation on my way back from Melbourne to Bangalore at Singapore for 3 days. I must say, Singapore is the safest city I have even been. Being a woman, I was able to cover most places in a short span. I commuted in the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit , commonly called MRT, during my stay and the city is well connected. I admit that it was Excellent!

On Day 1, I was returning from the Universal Studios, Sentosa at around 10 PM and decided to see Jurong Bird Park on Day 2. Singapore is small city that you don't GPRS connection on your phone to reach places. Ask anyone next to you and they guide you on how to reach your destination. At SMRT, sat a lady, with whom I inquired, how I can reach Jurong Bird Park. She instantly, gave me a map and marked down where I need to change the trains and take the bus.

"Are you travelling alone in Singapore?"

"Yes, I am. I am here for 3 days on transit from Australia to India.Have never been to Singapore before and it is a safe place to travel alone."

"I lived in Sydney and my daughter was born there."

She scribbled a few lines on a piece of paper and handed over to me.

"Its my address. You're welcome anytime."

Shy, that I was. I placed the paper in my purse and bid her a good-bye.


Last month, I wrote a postcard thanking her for the guidance she provided at SMRT. She was so touched that she sent the shopping bags I received today.
Shopping bags from Singapore
I am moved by the gesture. How small things in life mean a lot!


  1. Congratulations. Sometimes strangers connect with you better than your own. :)

    1. I second what you said. Even my parents were surprised to see. :)


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