The helping hand

A little ten year old girl sells fresh flowers everyday visiting every home placing the flowers in a bamboo basket over her head, in the morning. It is her routine task to sell the jasmine, which her mother ties together into a garland. After selling the flowers, the little one gets ready to attend the classes at a government school.

The girl was a toddler when her father deserted her mother and an elder brother. Her mother being a sole bread winner of the family, had to work as a maid to support the family of three. The elder one wakes up early in the morning carrying newspapers to be delivered at door step and then manages to go to school. 

As the girl grew, she still continued to sell the flowers and attend the school. The girl was good at Mathematics and would solve any problem with ease. This attracted her fellow classmates to take her assistance in doing their homework. The news spread to the homes where her mother was working and they requested that the girl would take tuition after school hours to their children. The girl happily accepted this offer which raised her family income and she could save for her future studies.

The little girl was a helping hand to her mother, be it winter or monsoon, the girl never failed to deliver the flowers. She provided a great support to her mother earning a living.

The elders in the family who knew this little girl would narrate to the young kids at home and appreciate how she helped her mother and herself. Some children were motivated and started to help their mothers in day-to-day routine, household chores by sweeping the floor, cleaning utensils, keeping their room clean.. etc... whatever was in their reach.

The simple things make a big difference!

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere"

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