Soul in Present Condition :: Book Review

Name of Book: Soul in Present Condition

Author: Mary E Merrell

This is the first time I chose to read a book on the paranormal activity by the author Mary E. Marrell. The story starts with the real estate agent Rosemary Fernandes who could communicate to the ghosts in the houses, where she takes her clients. The story also reveals about the vampires and she being a human servant to her vampire boss, Marcus. His blood had made her look younger than she was.

Rosemary's gifted way of communicating to the ghosts had helped them resolve their problems. However, she has to tackle with the vampires, Lucila & her friend, Abel, who wants to make Marcus jealous ever since he hired Rosemary.

The characters are pleasant, the the pace at which the story is told is well maintained. But I felt there is a dependency on the previous two novels,House Haunting and Curve Appeal.    

Author Info
Mary E. Merrell writes Paranormal Mysteries and Young Adult Urban Fantasy. She has worked many jobs, but always had stories in her head. It wasn’t until she went into real estate and walked into that old, vacant home that The Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series came to life. Fortunately, nothing spooky happened at the furniture store, or the first book might have been, “The Haunted Sofa."

 Mary E. Merrell’s plots are smooth and slightly dark, and her characters sinfully sweet. Try a little guilty pleasure with House Haunting, the first book in The Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series. One reviewer called it “A good start to a new series.”

 Her Young Adult series, Affinity is also humorous but deals with very real life themes. A reviewer said, “Love it. So different. A fun read.”

 Mary E. Merrell lives in the Central Valley of California with her husband, two dogs, and five cats. She has two grown sons. When she’s not writing, she’s gardening or playing soccer.


Corr Syl The Warrior :: Book Review

Title: Corr Syl The Warrior.

Author: Garry Rogers

Core Syl is a fictional story of a warrior rabbit. The story is well narrated and as it goes on, it turns out to be very interesting. It is amazing to learn how the animals think, though we cannot understand. Corr is assigned a task to investigate the intrusion caused by humans called Danog and advise the action, which he fulfills.

I had the same excitement reading this book as I had watching The animated movie Happy Feet. The book sets a message to save the environment which has been destructed by us. The book can be recommended to all age groups but depends on individual choice. 

If you loved watching Happy Feet, you would enjoy this book as well.

Author Bio 
Dr. Garry Rogers (website) has a PhD in Physical Geography. He taught university courses in climatology, ecology, environmental science, geomorphology, and soils, and conducted research on landscape change in the deserts of the western U. S. and on the Atlantic coastal plain. His books, articles, and blog posts focus on environmental problems. Nature conservation is the underlying theme for his debut novel, "Corr Syl the Warrior."


At the stroke of midnight

At the stroke of midnight, she was now free like a parrot out of the cage. Her sons and daughters had fought and sacrificed their lives. People remember this day and narrate the stories of the brave men and women to their sons and daughters, who would have the same courage and drive.

Jai Hind

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Soul Sisters

It is hard to find good friends and when you find one, its equally important to maintain friendship. Friendship blossoms as young when we are kids in school, neighbors or even cousins. Though, I don't have any siblings, this special friend at school turned out to be my soul sister!

I had a close friend during my high school days. I had a shoulder to lean while I faced tough times. She always stood beside me, when I needed her. She showed me the strenghts I possesed and that everyone had their own weakness. Even if I had a sister, she wouldn't have been as close as her. 

I had found a soul sister on my own.


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Old and New

He looked at the old mansion last time with sadness, handing over to its new landlord; who cheered with happiness on the deal. His memories in the mansion, seeing his children grow would be remembered and never forgotten. He wanted togetherness while the sons wanted separation.

He lost his home while they found a house.

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Lakme Absolute Lip Tint :: Candy Kiss

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint collection are available in eight colors. Candy Kiss, orange in color, is one of the most popular color and I wear it everyday.

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint :: Candy Kiss

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint :: Candy Kiss

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint :: Candy Kiss

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint :: Candy Kiss
Lakme Absolute Lip Tint :: Candy Kiss
Lakme Absolute Lip Tint :: Candy Kiss
How the shade looks
I have been applying this over the past two months and absolutely recommend it for a daily wear. It also stays long.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs 800

Shelf life: 3 years
See more swatches here:

July Vellvette Box

I was excited to see my Vellvette box in the last week of July. The box had surprises like always.

Here is the personalized card. The box had 4 items:

  1. Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle creme
  2. Nyassa Passion Burst Body Mist
  3. LA Splash Lash Splash Mascara - Black
  4. BONUS: Bling Nail Appliques - 17

The Hand creme and the body mist were packed well to avoid the breakage. 

The contents of the box.

Body mist has a mild fragrance but does not stay longer. The bottle is a sample piece. It is handy and fits into the handbag or even a purse and best suited for traveling.

The mascara gives a fine curve and is good for a daily wear.

I have been using the hand creme daily and it works well. 

Yet to try the Bling nail art.

I am happy with July box with the 2 full size product which Vellvette promised.

Chill with Mint-O Ultra Mintz

Since my childhood days, I have loved mint and prefer to buy mint flavoured over strawberry, like menthos even when it comes to a lip balm or a body wash. Mint has a great cooling effect and has a lot of medicinal value which we use in the daily cooking. 

Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.

Mint-O Ultra Mintz is recently launched by the ITC, the most trusted brand in India. I am lucky to receive the ultramintz from blogadda to try the mintz. As I reached home from office, I was surprised to see the 2 packs neatly packed with the blue ribbon and made me feel like a V.I.P.

What the product claims?

The metallic box is a small & handy which comes with 60 pellets which are sugar-FREE, containing artificial sweetener and are recommended for those who are calorie conscious. They have a peppermint flavour added to them and the peppermint oils are imported from France. 

**Absolutely no harm to vegetarians as no animal product is used. 

 What are the Ingredients?

Sorbitol (INS 420), Lubricating agent - Magnesium Stearate (INS 470) and sucralose.
Contains added natural flavouring substances - Peppermint and Menthol
Polyols may have laxative effects
This contains sucralose. Not recommended for children.
No sugar added in this product.

Price is affordable and is Rs 50 for 60 pellets. 

Net. Weight is 12 grams for 60 pellets. 

Shelf life: 12 months. To be stored in a cool and dry place. 

 My take on the product:
Comes is a lavish packing, the metal one. I would not bin it after the use. I plan to reuse it. 
Very handy. It can fit in a purse easily. 
Its been a week that I have been using Mintz and I find it has an instant cooling as I pop only one pellet into my mouth. Seeing the impressive packing, I doubted if a single pellet would have the mint cooling effect but I was wrong. Just one pellet is fine. 
The pellet is small but very hard that you have to chew it to break it. 
The pellet remains for few minutes in the mouth before melting completely unlike other brands of the mint available in the market.
Affordable price. Yes, I have been using it over a week now and it has not got over. Rs 50 is affordable for 60 pellets.
Freshness lasts for a long time, say an hour, without having to pop another mint in a less time. 
No sugar at all. I did not feel any presence of sugar. Best suited for diabetics patients.
Made from the finest of the peppermint oils from France.

I gave the pellets to my parents and they have been using it. Being sugar free, there is no harm at all. 

When to use it?

After breakfast, coffee, lunch, snacks and dinner. 
During an exercise, jog or a run, when I am very thirsty. 

Anybody who has a oral problem can also use it at frequent intervals to get rid of the odor. 
If you're a chain smoker, you can try it.

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Go Gokarna

Who wouldn't love to sit and relax on the sands of the beach watching the clean waters, after a week long of hectic schedule. A friend came on a vacation to India and made a sudden trip to Gokarna on Coastal Karnataka which is 583 KM from Bangalore and within no time, trio made it. Gokarna is famous for Shiva temple and Gokarna beach (also known as Indian Beach), Main Beach, Kuddle Beach, Om Beach, Half moon Beach and Paradise Beach (also known as Full moon).

We drove on road to Gokarna following the below map. It is 10-11 hours journey from Bangalore. We spoke so much that there was no necessity to tune into a radio or a music player. We chatted so much that the long drive fell short of our conversations.

En route to Gokarna on road
We reached Gokarna around 6 am in the morning and we saw the old homes and the locals commuting in cycles. Tired that we were, we had a power nap at the hotel and then rushed to the beach. There are a handful restaurants along the beach side which took me to surprise, serving English and French breakfast, that too in a remote town. The restaurants also have boarding facilities and are expensive compared to the ones in the city. But it is worth paying and watching the sun kissed beaches as you wake up at the first sight, the sun rise and sun set along with the waves sound.

Streets of Gokarna

An old temple on the way to beach
The Kudle beach is well maintained and each time I tried to float, the waves would push me off on the shore. All I could do is sit and relax admiring the beauty of it and smile. :)

Kudle Beach
The next destination was OM Beach, the shore looks like OM and boating is available here. Unlike Kudle beach, there are many restaurants with boarding here.
Boat rides at OM Beach
We jumped into the sea, splashed waters at each, played in the waters until our eyes started to itch with the salt water.

At the OM Beach
The flee market is seen on a Sunday evening at Kudle beach where many foreigners sell the ornaments and clothes.

Sunday Evening Fleet Market at Kudle Beach

On the way trekking from OM beach to the city
OM Beach

Kudle beach on a Sunday noon
Admiring the beauty of the beach, I felt lethargic to swim, go on boat trip or banana boat. Let me save these for the next beach trip.

This is my best trip as we covered beaches, had a wonderful breakfast, played in the waters to heart, nor a float not a swim, a relaxing trip which brought full of energy.

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