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Who wouldn't love to sit and relax on the sands of the beach watching the clean waters, after a week long of hectic schedule. A friend came on a vacation to India and made a sudden trip to Gokarna on Coastal Karnataka which is 583 KM from Bangalore and within no time, trio made it. Gokarna is famous for Shiva temple and Gokarna beach (also known as Indian Beach), Main Beach, Kuddle Beach, Om Beach, Half moon Beach and Paradise Beach (also known as Full moon).

We drove on road to Gokarna following the below map. It is 10-11 hours journey from Bangalore. We spoke so much that there was no necessity to tune into a radio or a music player. We chatted so much that the long drive fell short of our conversations.

En route to Gokarna on road
We reached Gokarna around 6 am in the morning and we saw the old homes and the locals commuting in cycles. Tired that we were, we had a power nap at the hotel and then rushed to the beach. There are a handful restaurants along the beach side which took me to surprise, serving English and French breakfast, that too in a remote town. The restaurants also have boarding facilities and are expensive compared to the ones in the city. But it is worth paying and watching the sun kissed beaches as you wake up at the first sight, the sun rise and sun set along with the waves sound.

Streets of Gokarna

An old temple on the way to beach
The Kudle beach is well maintained and each time I tried to float, the waves would push me off on the shore. All I could do is sit and relax admiring the beauty of it and smile. :)

Kudle Beach
The next destination was OM Beach, the shore looks like OM and boating is available here. Unlike Kudle beach, there are many restaurants with boarding here.
Boat rides at OM Beach
We jumped into the sea, splashed waters at each, played in the waters until our eyes started to itch with the salt water.

At the OM Beach
The flee market is seen on a Sunday evening at Kudle beach where many foreigners sell the ornaments and clothes.

Sunday Evening Fleet Market at Kudle Beach

On the way trekking from OM beach to the city
OM Beach

Kudle beach on a Sunday noon
Admiring the beauty of the beach, I felt lethargic to swim, go on boat trip or banana boat. Let me save these for the next beach trip.

This is my best trip as we covered beaches, had a wonderful breakfast, played in the waters to heart, nor a float not a swim, a relaxing trip which brought full of energy.

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    Nice blog.My favourite place Gokarna.I hope my blog on Uttara Kannada district helps u to explore more place of Uttara Kannada.


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