Those were the best days of my life!

Today is friendship day, a day in an year to greet the old, new, connected and unconnected buddies. I am not a follower of such days but I am gentle in replying to those messages I receive, though I prefer to speak or catch up for a cuppa or a lunch.

Somehow, it reminds me of those early days of my life during primary school when we used to tie the handmade friendship bands made of woolen, make a few strands the way you braid the hair and that's your colorful band, add a few beads and knot them, it would be elegant...and make sure all are similar or the girls would quarrel over the colors. Then comes the best friends birthday, with a few coins in the pockets, archies gifts are far a dream. Buy a card board, with few crayons, sketch pens and color pencils, here is a beautiful card to my best friend, who would flaunt, showing her mother and brother saying, "My friend made this", with glee.

When Physics classes are boring on how to derive the equations like E=mc square and the History classes dose off to sleep narrating Harappa and Mohanjo daro civilizations, the Tinkle acts like a catalyst to attend these classes. Sometimes, noise from munching Muruku or Chakli helps you awake and the fear of the getting a kneel down or stand up on the bench for eating in the class.

Then comes a farewell day where you bid an adieu to the best buddies with whom you fought, loved, cared, shared, cried. The colorful slam books you fill as a memoir of the time spent.

The combined study where you never study the exam subjects and end up watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network to get rid of the exam tension. Never wanting to return the text books until the results are announced. Searching your roll no. in the results sheet, first in First class, and shivering to see in Failed, while your roll no. is in Distinction. Those were the best days of my life! Those would always remain the best.

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