Happy Feet

As a child at school, I was in love with geography. Not that I liked memorizing the latitudes and longitudes, I would dream of landing into the plane while the teacher taught the lesson. Given a chance to visit Himalayas or Antarctica, I would chose the latter to travel along with my family as you need a human company, somebody I can share my excitement, in the lonely continent. I would come home and see this place, full of "white", in my Atlas. When I asked my father why it was all white and no green like Amazon or brown like deserts, he would reply, "Its all snow, there is no human vegetation, only penguins live there. Its dead cold." This would cheer me to dream of visiting Antarctica and see the home for penguins.


One can travel to Antarctica by flight or cruise. I would chose the cruise one way as in the titanic hoping that it wouldn't sink midway and flight the other way or vis-a-vis.

On reaching the shores of Antarctica, it is bliss to watch the sunrise and later walk on the glacier hand in hand with the loved ones, until my legs ache. It would be hard to tolerate the shrill weather and eyes getting adjusted but it is a lifetime experience seeing all "white" and playing with the snowballs with no humans around. I shall be without words to appreciate the serene beauty of it which god has created.

I would wait till the evening to see the penguin parade slowly from the shore to their borrows, flapping their feathers(?) or hands(?) and holding the fish in their beak. What a lovely sight that is, If only penguins would "shake hand" with me! Anyone would be as merry as watching the movie "Happy Feet".
Penguin parade at Antarctica
When the sun is up in the sky, we shall ski down the snow. The only adventure which we can try out. ;)

When it is the time to get back home, I would miss bringing back souvenirs, key chains or postcards like I do every time I trip. This will be the only trip filled with memories and photographs.

I wish I could bring a penguin home as a Souvenir ;)

I would be happy if you can fund a little for this trip. :)

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  1. hehe, hopefully Yatra will fund your trip. But ya really, Antarctica is one of the most coveted destinations....those who have been there are truly blessed.... :)

  2. Antarctica! A very unique and off beat choice indeed! :)


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