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It scares most young women to commute alone during the late hours, reading the shocking and scary news of how women are raped or eve teased, be it the lonely places and the crowded areas when people keep watching the tamasha don't bother to come for help. 

Nisha got down the company bus at 8 PM and headed towards a mall. It was a Friday and the mall was few distance away from the bus stop. As she walked on the crowded foot path looking around the street, a biker hit her hard with the helmet on her head behind and snatched away her handbag. She fell there unconscious until a colleague who was walking the same path saw her a few hours later and took her to a hospital. Unfortunately, the mobile phone which she had in her palm, was stolen when she fell on the ground. It was indeed sad note that none of the un/educated even bothered to help her. Nisha was shocked by that incident and dared not to walk alone even in the crowded places. She wished she had Smart Suraksha with her.

The above is a true incident of my colleague who wished someone could have come to her rescue immediately.

Dark Matter India has introduced an Android app Smart Suraksha that sends the alert to the 5 pre-listed contacts and the police, at the press of a button.

What the app claims?

Install Smart Suraksha, a mobile application, that can track your whereabouts and at a single touch will send an sms to the pre-listed 5 simultaneously and also the police. An additional feature of this app, is that if you are in a situation where you are able to give details of the would-be offender, you can even record info like model of the car or clothes he is wearing, in your sms.

Yes, use this app as a weapon that can prevent you from becoming an unfortunate victim. Stay safe with Smart Suraksha.

Smart Suraksha will be the rescue angel providing safety to women and protect when the need arises.

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App

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