“i”th Phone

In the year 2001, one of the Chemistry faculty was appreciating the wonders of a cell phone. During early advent of the cellular phone, Motorola had dominated among the other handset manufacturers like Siemens, Alcatel or even Nokia. Those who owned cell phones would pay hefty amount for both incoming and outgoing calls. These cell phones had an antenna, type and send the SMS, make and receive calls. The introduction of these phones had made the pagers obsolete.             
Motorola phone

In 2005,  I never imagined that I would own a cell phone which had a 1.3 mega pixel camera, the brand new Nokia 3220, on 25th November. It had lights on either sides that would flash during the incoming calls and SMS. My friends at college would tease saying that it looked too childish comparing it to a kid’s shoe with would generate a sound or flash lights.


Having used Nokia 3220 for 2 years 6 months, I switched to Nokia E51 Business series phone in 2008. It was a hard luck that the phone fell into the water after 7 months and I had to buy a new one again in 2009.

Nokia E51

This time I chose to buy a Nokia again. Yes, I was a Nokia fan and would buy only Nokia and never even look at its competition Sony Ericsson which was the competition then. Express  Music Edition 5130, an attractive red, with buttons on its side to stop and start the music. It is a simple to use and a great phone which I still own. This phone has travelled overseas with me and I have used it as a backup phone. My father, too, likes this phone.


In Jan 2011, the mobile phones were blooming with Samsung and LG touch screens which would run on Android 2.1 version. Having used a basic phone, I decided to upgrade the phone to an Android and bought an LG Optimus One.


Unfortunately, this phone’s mic and speaker conked off after 2 months I arrived in Melbourne. The cost of repair would be the same as buying a new phone. I had no other choice than buying another phone and I chose an iPhone 4.


It has been more than 2 years that I have been using it and have never thought of upgrading yet. iPhone magic you say? How many phones have you upgraded so far?

Magnet from TripAdvisor

Received this goodie from TripAdvisor that I can now flaunt off during travel.
TripAdvisor Magnet

Tutti Frutti

I love yoghurt and my lunch or dinner is incomplete without it, the perfect trait of being a South Indian. When I first bought a pack of yoghurt as thick as an ice cream, I just loved the quality when compared to what we get here in India. Eventually, I gained several kilos!
It was the first time I tasted a Tutti Frutti frozen yoghurt in Melbourne during the fall of 2011.  From then onwards, I can’t stop myself from grabbing a scoop of frozen yoghurt alone. It would cost AUD 4.5o and the toppings would cost few cents extra. I have enjoyed eating is as much as a Macadamia ice cream.
If you live in Melbourne and haven’t tried frozen yoghurt, then you’re really missing something.

Gently Falls the Bakula :: Book Review

Title: Gently Falls the Bakula

Author: Sudha Murty

Publisher: Penguin Books India

Pages: 169

Price: Rs 250

I picked this book from the library and completed reading in few hours. I have read many books by Sudha Murty and each of her book is based on real life experience. One can imagine being in her shoes, the woman behind the success of the man she loved and who helped her husband to achieve his dreams.

The story is of intellectual Shrimati who marries Shrikant, her classmate in school and also her neighbour. Though both families do not get along well, both marry and start a new life in Mumbai. Shrikant, being an ambitious man starts climbing up the corporate ladder at the cost of sacrificing his love. He was so much focused on career that he did not have time to speak to his wife about her likes and dislikes. Slowly, Shrimati realizes that her marriage had turned soar and Shrikant was not the same person whom she had loved in Hubli. His ambitions had changed him. 

In today's world, we see both husband and wife make careers and climb up the ladder but we also see that people have no time to share each other's emotions. The "love" that blossoms before the legal bonding soon disappears after the wedlock. When the couple speak, it's the finance and repaying loans. 

It is true, one can't get wealth, success, happiness and money at the same time. Though, Sudha had written this book three decades ago, this book is a perfect example of how most of us lead our lives.


L.O.V.E. is in the air

I was looking at the photograph of the US stamp sealed in 1989, that I had clicked a couple of years ago. This stamp is one of my favorite and I have still preserved it with care and pride. Whenever, I look at this stamp, it catches my attention among the other colorful ones, though its a simple yellow and red rose!
It makes me wonder what is the power of love?


The day I feel connected right from my heart will be the Platinum Day of Love. Having heard so many stories from near and dear ones, it feels good to be loved and cared, unlike the parental or the sibling love. Finding a soul mate is not only a hard thing, but expressing to the loved ones how much we care and are ready to support each other in all walks of life. Sometimes, silent speaks than words and you feel connected lifetime! The other person's shortcomings doesn't matter and one thinks of the good qualities.

red rose, a box full of chocolates and platinum diamond ring in a glass of wine,  I would chose on this day to the most precious person in my life. Platinum is rare and most expensive lustrous metal. What else could be the perfect gift to the person who brings sparkle like platinum in everyday life.

There will be times when we are happy, laugh at the silliest things, angry at each other. Whenever, we look at platinum, it would remind us the day when we decided to be co-travelers in journey of life.
To the world, you may be someone, to someone you're the world. Given a chance, I would place U & I together among the alphabets....on the Platinum Day of Love

PS: I wish he would read this when I find that special someone. ;)

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Why this Kolaveri @MCG di?

One Day International India Vs Australia, in January 2012 was a memorable one at Melbourne Cricket Ground. I was totally excited to be in MCG and watch the match, cheer for India in Australia, waving hands in the Mexican wave. I never expected that there would be such a turn over of Indians. The stadium was colorful with Indian flags everywhere and Swamy Army performed Why this Kolaver di?

                                                                       Kolaveri @ Melbourne Cricket Grounds

Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation :: Review

Today I will be reviewing Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation. It is available in two colors:
1. Porcelain (Product Code: 12809)
2. Ivory (Natural Ivory: 12810)

Quantity: 30 ml

Price: Rs 449.
About the product:
Lightweight, silky-smooth foundation that provides you with an impeccable matte finish that lasts. Contains micro silica shells, which continuously absorb excess oil providing you with a shine-free base. Water-based formula, perfect for combination/oily skin. 
Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation

Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation

Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation

Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation

My take on the product:

Pros:The color suits my skin tone and is light. I would highly recommend it for oily and combination skin.
The foundation is a long stay. For an oily skin, it definitely stays longer without any touch ups.
Gives a fresh and bright look.
The bottle is small and handy, can be carried easily.
Cons:I felt it is quiet pricey for 30 ml and the bottle gets empty soon.

I have been using it for a month now, and loved it.

Overall rating: 4.5/5