“i”th Phone

In the year 2001, one of the Chemistry faculty was appreciating the wonders of a cell phone. During early advent of the cellular phone, Motorola had dominated among the other handset manufacturers like Siemens, Alcatel or even Nokia. Those who owned cell phones would pay hefty amount for both incoming and outgoing calls. These cell phones had an antenna, type and send the SMS, make and receive calls. The introduction of these phones had made the pagers obsolete.             
Motorola phone

In 2005,  I never imagined that I would own a cell phone which had a 1.3 mega pixel camera, the brand new Nokia 3220, on 25th November. It had lights on either sides that would flash during the incoming calls and SMS. My friends at college would tease saying that it looked too childish comparing it to a kid’s shoe with would generate a sound or flash lights.


Having used Nokia 3220 for 2 years 6 months, I switched to Nokia E51 Business series phone in 2008. It was a hard luck that the phone fell into the water after 7 months and I had to buy a new one again in 2009.

Nokia E51

This time I chose to buy a Nokia again. Yes, I was a Nokia fan and would buy only Nokia and never even look at its competition Sony Ericsson which was the competition then. Express  Music Edition 5130, an attractive red, with buttons on its side to stop and start the music. It is a simple to use and a great phone which I still own. This phone has travelled overseas with me and I have used it as a backup phone. My father, too, likes this phone.


In Jan 2011, the mobile phones were blooming with Samsung and LG touch screens which would run on Android 2.1 version. Having used a basic phone, I decided to upgrade the phone to an Android and bought an LG Optimus One.


Unfortunately, this phone’s mic and speaker conked off after 2 months I arrived in Melbourne. The cost of repair would be the same as buying a new phone. I had no other choice than buying another phone and I chose an iPhone 4.


It has been more than 2 years that I have been using it and have never thought of upgrading yet. iPhone magic you say? How many phones have you upgraded so far?

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