The first impression

He was an intelligent guy. He was admired by his friends and the girls at the college had crush on him. 
She was a beautiful and a shy girl. She was so shy but studious that she would never bunk the class or even gossip with her friends. Her daily routine was coming to college, attend the lectures and back home.

He would look at her admiring her charming face without her notice and she would look at him before he noticed. It was during the Chemistry class, their eyes caught each other and saw the expression of embarrassment. Days passed and they would look at each other. When he was absent, she would panic thinking what had happened to him. When he was back recovering from illness after few days, she would be happy to see him. A smart good looking boy he was, well-dressed and clean shaven. The shy girl who never spoke to guys, deeply in love with him. 

When he proposed, she blushed and he smiled. They met at a coffee club on their first date. When he asked her what was it, that impressed her the most about him. She blushed looking at him without an answer. 

My clean shaven look bowled her over, he thought. 

Watch me on Kannada Suvarna

Last year, this time, the owner of parlour I used to visit regularly was happy to see my long black thick hair that made her happier that I hadn't chopped them at all! She was invited by Kannada Suvarna TV Channel to host styling for long and short hair on Suhasini program. She wanted someone with a long hair and there I was! Call it a boon or a curse, maintaining a hip long hair is a tough task which requires baby care while others eye and compliment that its hard to find girls with such long hair these days. 

I sat on the chair while the hair dresser styled and set my hair which took around an hour and half. I am sure her hands and fingers would've ached but the efforts were worth it. I can never imagine myself doing such a lovely hairstyle. 

The episode was telecast-ed during the noon in Jan 2013 and I missed watching myself on the TV. Here is the Youtube version in 3 parts. 

Do you have long or short hair and what styling you prefer?

Gifting L.O.V.E.

Every parent plays a role of Santa, fulfilling their kids need, be it, a toddler, teenager or an adult. No matter how old the children grow, to parents we are "still" kids even at 20 or 60. Money comes and goes, but it is the unconditional parental love that they try to provide their best to their offsprings in terms of education, good health, courage-respect-values, follow your ambitions.

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." ~Aristotle

Education not only teaches English, History, Science, Mathematics, it also teaches discipline. The best gift any parent could give their child would be education: the path to lead the life. When they grow as an adult, they contribute to the society as better citizens. 

"The first wealth is health." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

A healthy child who is fed well and active sportsman remains fit and great immunity from diseases. Without good health, a billion dollar would make no sense.

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." ~Winston Churchill
"There is no principle worth the name if it is not wholly good." ~Mahatma Gandhi
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high... _ Tagore
Any who is able to commute the needs without fear and respect others irrespective of caste, gender...  We often come across the situate where a child is afraid of speaking up uncomfortable things bothering him/her. It is the values, their principle that build a man which in turn earns respect from family, friends and the society.

"Big results require big ambitions." ~Heraclitus
Like a bird set free out of the cage, let the children follow their dreams. 

Last but not the least, the habit of saving for future. All days are not same. Save for a rainy day. When you don't work, savings will work for you. 
"A penny saved is a penny earned." - Benjamin Franklin 

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Vegetarian food during international travel

I am a vegetarian and have often found that it hard to find a pure vegetarian food while traveling overseas, this includes the food offered on the air-flight as well. A couple of years ago, I was reluctant to eat the veg food served at the non-veg restaurants. Though I cook and eat home made food, it is unavoidable to eat out while travel, and now I have adapted to the veg Chinese or Thai food though the taste buds miss the Karnataka taste.

Here is a compiled list of options you may consider while traveling abroad or even long distances and miss the South Indian veg food.
  • Every hotel has a microwave oven and a refrigerator. Most of the hotel floors have a common kitchen for cooking.
  • For breakfast, I generally buy milk, yoghurt, bread and jam, fruits and corn flakes; store it in the refrigerator .
  • For lunch and dinner, carry a small rice cooker. Every hotel has a charging point and it wouldn't be a problem to cook rice. 
  • You may buy Ready to Eat MTR food products from India. (Check if grains are allowed in the country you travel).
  • Check for the nearest Indian store where you stay so that you can buy the rice or even the required "Ready to Eat" MTR food products or Haldiram are available. 
  • Buy Ice cream and relish it as a dessert. 
Though it might be bulky to take a rice cooker, your tummy is still happy eating the food of your taste and save expenditure eating at restaurants. 


My personal assistant

I have been blogging and traveling a lot this year...and I have become "more" organized. I would call it a boon that I was able to do both with the help of my sincere "personal assistant" whom I do not pay any fees or salary except feed some food everyday. 

My tablet has been my personal assistant (PA) or call an all time companion, which I take along with me during the daily commute to office,, during long flights, waiting at the airport lounge or even for bus or train. I even use it at home than switching on my laptop. I would say that it is the wonderful invention post smart phones. My everyday routine has been a way simpler and have been able to complete tasks and relax.

I wake up as the Alarm clock ticks in the morning playing aloud the Suprabhata. As I open my eyes slowly, I check the Daily Weather forecast for the day. I brush my teeth and exercise, sometimes referring to the youtube videos on tablet, placed on the chair with pillows. I bath and get ready and offer prayers to the almighty reciting the hymns and mantras like Hanuman Chalisa and Vishnu Sahasranama apps. 
Resting the tablet on lap and reading the e-newspaper on Flipboard, check the stock market, as I sip the coffee. In the kitchen, I take my tablet and place it against the wall, worrying it might fall, and browse recipes for lunch. Having prepared the lunch, I click the pictures of the food and make the notes of the recipe using Evernote app. 

When I am bored, I turn on the music on my tablet and listen to it while I can still multitask: reading ebooks, click,edit and browse pictures, browse internet, draw doodles, even watch movies and TV serials. I also download and play games like Angry Birds and Temple Run. Enroll to a Mass Open Online Course from the top universities and watch the lectures.      

When I have to commute within the city, I look up the Google maps for directions and the bus timings and transit. And when I have to catch up for coffee , lunch or dinner, I check on Foursquare for nearby restaurants and malls.

My 50th postcard reached officially..!

Little I knew about this wonderful website, Postcrossing, when I signed up early this year on 8th of January seeing someone tweet the postcard they received regularly. I signed up this website with no expectation and sent 5 postcards to people around the globe whom I never knew writing and intro about myself. Along with the addresses this website popped up, I thought it was a great idea to print few photographs at Printo, that I clicked during my travels to near and dear ones. I was unhappy with the print quality and the thickness of the postcards and bought the postcards at Sapna Book House.

I own a huge collection of stamps, the habit and a hobby that I inherit from from father. I had signed up the Philately club in 2010 but the credit was over. I couldn’t find the philately collection at JP Nagar post office and went to the Jayanagar head office and bought stamps worth Rs 750. I also bought colour glitter pens, star stickers and Chotta Bheem, Micki Mouse, Winnie the Pooh stickers to decorate the postcard.
On a rainy Saturday, I sat sticking the stamps, sticker and writing down. It definitely brought out the school kid in me when I held the glitter pen.
Postcards with stamps-blog post
Postcards with stamps
The postcards I received from various countries were amazing. Some would send the old tickets, coins, stamps in an envelope. Everyday, I long to receive a postcard and many times, I call up home to enquire how many I did receive today?

Few weeks ago, the postman asked my father, how do I receive so many postcards. I would not be surprised if he signs up, too.

My “official” 50th Postcard was registered on 15th Dec 2013, though I have sent many postcards, some of them, which the users never registered. On a whole, I am reliving my scholastic hobby of collecting stamps, now the beautiful postcards also.

Beautiful view from my window

It's a Melbourne summer-lassi time at my hotel room. Bought a 500 gram Tasmanian yoghurt, added sugar, milk. Stirred it with loads of love. ;)

All set to travel

iPad is my travel companion that kills times waiting for the flights and avoids  the heck of carrying the many books, in case you are a fast reader.

Bon Voyage